DGBBTC : SERIAL RAPER (Serie A coin update)

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Hi guys,

This is an update of DGB , one of the all of famer Serie A coin

On my older post i made an alternative projection about DGB bearish count where i was expecting DGB to hit point B of 2-ABC-3, but DGB decide to fuck off and stopped higher at A of the 2-ABC-3 :

DGB foundation ambassador made a really cool interview, i can really now understand deeply the potential of DGB . their fundamentals are amazing : 4algos making decentralized mining more decentralized and prevent the currency from attack on one particular algo. they plan to put a 5th one ! heres the link :

they recently launched a PR campaign and signed a well known and respect marketing firm (they explain it longer in the interview). They didnt choose a facebook ads campaign because they want to attract wise investor and not wind investor that pump and dump people and scream moon each time it goies +1%. This team is very solid and they know want they want. Being in the crypto market since 4 years and well established, DGB is not in my Serie A coin by luck. A lot of aspects that i dont have the time to explain make them qualify for the Serie A coins.

DGB hodler can enjoy the DGB official soundtrack : ( DGB HIT THE FLOOR (back vocals : IT HIT THE FLOOR!))

This coin along with BTS , IOTA, XLM (Serie A coins) got a huge potential for a lower risk (lower risk because fundamentals are strong, which gives a certain immunity against fudding speculation).

This team is so solid that i sold other alts coins at lost to enter at 386 (end bottom). Making it 25% of my portfolio.

As i always say : news will comes to justify the impulse. Their you got every ingredients ( PR campaign under works, algos upgrade, and more) to concretize the projected targets.
Trade ist aktiv: I expect maybe a longer timeframe after touching sub wave 1-2 before going for subwave 3.
Kommentar: To show how DGB is huge :
Trade ist aktiv: Fractals. parts are parts of other parts :
Kommentar: DGB got more than 50% daily volume worth on buy orders at 430-440 sats lvl !!! Someone saw a good opportunity, good indicator showing on the daily :
Kommentar: (referring to Poloniex platform). More than 61 BTC between our lvl and 434 sats just on buy orders. If we to 424 sats its 85 BTC on buy orders (!). Thats more than half on the daily volume on a 20 sats measure !
Trade ist aktiv: Lets add that DGB outperform BTC USD gains by almost 30% !! How can you a reasonable mind can sell at the bottom with this performance :
Kommentar: going sideways. need to update with the alternative count
dgb is a shitcoin
SimonMercier faranod105
@faranod105, buy signal
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damdamm faranod105
@faranod105, Do not be jealous. You also had chance to buy for $0.07 and have a ride 20 times up to 13 cents :) I love haters :)
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Serial Raper? really?
@kdenery, because it will rape every bottom sellers once DGB will really start to unveil his technological uniqueness.
kdenery SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, I know your a busy man, but in 3 main points, to keep it focused and precise, Why do you believe in dgb?
Not disagreeing just curious.
1) short (15sec) block time is more interesting for a daily use potential. Example, you go buy a pair of jeans, if you use BTC to pay you will need 10minutes confirmation, if you use DGB you only wait 15sec.
2) 4 algos of mining leading to a more decentralized mining operation and gives a certain immunity to what happen to BTC (Bitmain mining empty block to push up the difficulty leading to no profits for smalls players - leading to a centralized mining operation).
3) Their philosophy. Ive been very impressed when they have announced that they will hire a fashion PR firm to make their PR campaign. IM getting sick of the quic facebook adds, youtube adds, campaign from other currency which attract wind traders which are more interested by the hype than the tech.

This team is in crypto since 2014, they know what the game is. They have the patience to focus on the developpment of their currency instead of being on every social media. The fact that they express so much confidence on how the natural selection process on the market will gave them right. Just go see their reddit subscribers, what a fantastic and huge community, the vide is good and there is only few post of price speculation, their energy is to make DGB better and better. I love this !

Please consider listening the DGB foundation ambassador, i strongly recommend :
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I am always more then happy to see your DGB charts so keep it up. Good job. 100% sense and truth. This coin has HUGE potential and will squeeze us out of boots during 2018. I watch situation closely and can see strong traders are joining DGB board.

As I observed you are adding DGB against BTC you may take a look at DGB against USD :)

@damdamm, seems to correlate with mine. but i think you should revisit your subwave 3 (pink one). EW rules say that wave 3 must be at least 1.62x higher than wave 1 (starting at wave 2). note that your values can breach the channel. you putted all your values in it which gives false target count. But overall you seems to understand EW.

I always push my followers to learn pattern recognition. Its very usefull especially with DGB/BTC pair.
damdamm SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, Thank you for your hint with 1.618. I know that rule. My chart is in log scale so that's why wave 3 might look like equal to 1. In Top of pink 3 on my idea chart is about 0.70 cents. 1.618 of wave 1 is 0.22 cents and maximum 4.235 of pink wave 1 is 0.52 cents so I have to correct it a little bit.

And as I explained above 1.62 of pink wave 1 is only 20 cents that's why you have to know that idea is on log scale and it will be difficult to breach this channel during this and even future cycle.

Some day in longer future and few cycles forward probably channel will be breached but rocket should be olived and fueld very well to do so. :)

I really believe that we will move inside this channel for longer time. Numbers in this channel are enormous that's why I did not take into account breaching.

Truth is that we will be able to say where pink 3 will end only after first subway will be finished.
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