BTC/USD **Hard Fork / SegWit2x will be effective today**

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar

**Let me know if you disagree and why with constructive comment please**

Hello Trader,

The sellers are slowly losing momentum and are no longer in control. I saw the news saying the Hard Fork Part 2 is back again and will be effective on block 501 451 in the bitcoin blockchain network.
As of now, we have reach the block: 501 398, anything can happen after the Fork and not everyone is happy about it, even some yelled a big scam and so on.

Quote from Lead developper or project founder ( Jaap Terlouw)
The Fork aim is to address the issue of "commission and transaction speed within the Bitcoin network"

I myself cannot send any bitcoin because of the transaction fees are way to high and ridiculous and will find a way to buy BCH, ETH.

Block Mined (28/12/2017)*******501 400 (at the time I wrote this)
SegWit2x will be effective (28/12/2017)**********501 451

501 451 - 501 400= 51 block left

block is created every 10 min.

51 * 10= 510
510 / 60= 8.5
Approx in 8 to 9 hours

Happy trading,

Per Jackson at (http://b2x-segwit.io) fork happened. I checked with him about 2:00 PM PST and he said it had happened.
@Unieo, I will definately look close to this website but the problem I have here is that the so called lead project guy "Jaap Terlouw"

We dont know who he is and he Linkedin account those not say much and technically anyone can make a fork on the blockchain, then are poeple gona accept it or not is another story.

My biggest issue at this point is the transaction per second is low, speed of transaction and obviously FEES of transaction are INSANE on bitcoin network.

Lighting Network better come fast because its getting ugly.
Unieo dvd232323
@dvd232323, I asked about claiming forked coins on http://b2x-segwit.io : I held BTC below block number 501,358 in Electrum. Will B2X be credited in my Electrum wallet or do I need to transfer BTC to HitBTC or one of the other supporting exchanges?
Reply: Jeckson
If you have wallet with access to private key, you can claim your tokens with it. Detailed instructions will be released with b2x wallet on 15th of January
501457 currently and it dosnt look good..... Forking forks!

dvd232323 realeyez
@realeyez, Well I agree and its still as expensive as couples hours ago to send money.

Unbelievable, my money is help hostage its ridiculous.

I want to buy other cryptocurrency but most of the time you have to buy or own bitcoin to purchase other crypto.
I disagree with you comment on sellers losing momentum.have you seen the charts?
dvd232323 retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, Well I just refresh my screen and you right but at the time I was writting it, the trend was going up though.

Just like you I will watch this really closely.

Thx for the comment......
@dvd232323, no worries! It is just hard right now to make sharp statements. All I see is uncertainty and opportunity for now.

You have good work!
They could already announce the Segwith at another time. I think they want to penalize the speculator.
dvd232323 FXtrai66
@FXtrai66, Well I hope it fix the commission, transaction and fees to send money because it is ridiculously high.

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