Bitcoin, the king

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
long term view, ride on.
Kommentar: SAN , Santiment coin , 76% profit
Kommentar: QTUM , 36% profit
Kommentar: EOS 42% Profit
Kommentar: ETP , 206% PROFIT
Kommentar: STRATIS 268% Profit
Kommentar: SIACOIN SC, 230% move
Kommentar: NXS nexus 205% Profit
Kommentar: MUSIC , 240% profit...
Kommentar: WAVES 76% profit
Kommentar: POWER / POWR 66% Profit
Kommentar: VOX , 450% profit
Kommentar: DOGE 75% Profit
Kommentar: MONA 73% profit
Kommentar: DCR 40% PROFIT
Kommentar: ZEN 97% PROFIT
Kommentar: OMG 173%
Kommentar: IOTA 231 %
Kommentar: EOS 240% PROFIT
Kommentar: UBIQ , 223% profit
Kommentar: Ripple got the 50% discount
Kommentar: BITCOIN 5% scalp. lol..
Kommentar: got other charts running.. but for now.. ;)
Kommentar: now that cheap bitcoin buying is done.. lets moon .. BITCOIN , 70% Cheaper
Kommentar: So my friends and me are happy traders :) cmp is 10800 ;)
Kommentar: SAN, 104%, 3.45 is all we got, then sl hit :(
Kommentar: EOS 280% Profit move
Also what indicator are you using?
Think we're at reversal point?
like a boss :) following to the T
@la4440, i love u my friend¡ what is the name of this indicator?
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Going long from here too (Y)
Market seems actually Very Predictable lately. We dip to 9 to sub 9, Buy ass load of BTC, then week later it creeps up to High 10's to 11.5 or so, which is well over 100% on your Fib, don't be greedy, then I, Sell every Crypto coin I posses at 75rsi BTC +-, wait another week wash rinse repeat.
Yes it might dip a tad before above 10k resist stop loss and HODL it will go back up again. (Totally Just My Opinion) My Guess is Wednesday Thursday next week we over 10k again.
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@la4440 I don't get it. You publish trade ideas after they're done? Is that right? How do we know you didn't just create several ideas, each one saying something different? Don't feel obliged to give us a future trade idea though. You don't have anything to prove. I'm just trying to learn and would love to see if my own current assessment about BTC is in line with yours. So please enlighten us with a future trade.
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houseofari houseofari
@houseofari, I'm not reading this right, I think. You simply shared an old btc trade idea as a comment and now said it would moon. Do you have an idea for us? Are you still sharing your trade ideas?
la4440 houseofari
@houseofari, let me pm you as to whats really goin on.. cheers
la4440 houseofari
@houseofari, How do we know you didn't just create several ideas, each one saying something different?.. ouch.. that kinda hurt after all these years.. :(
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