Bitcoin BTCUSD long - Crash

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar

- The Top is coming, but in December, next Year, ...
- This time is different because of Institution, Tesla , ... they are not planning to flip
- I will show you my view of this market and why it will crash crazy

Price Prediction

Searching on the Internet about the Bitcoin potential Price Prediction you will find a lot of theories about that. The Super Cycle, the Stock to Flow Model and many mores. They all claim that this market will go crazy to the upside. Now there is nothing wrong about these theories. I also agree with them when it comes to the final Target for Bitcoin . I also see it going up very easy till 1Mio. I do not doubt this. The usecase of Bitcoin is insane and everybody who puts a little effort in doing some researches about it, will understand this.

- Now to the more important part. How will the Price develop in the near future so I can take advantage of it and make some money.
- Is it good that I am currently in Bitcoin?
- Should I hold it?
- Well when it comes to Bitcoin as an Investment you should definitely hold it. Long Term holder will benefit the most of this movement.
- But if you are not in this market yet what should you do now?
- Well right now if you will buy Bitcoin and you will hold it long term there is absolute no problem.
- If you look back at the chart no matter at what time you have bought bitcoin you are in profit or around break even.
- Key is to hold.
- This is the reason #1 why people are losing money in bitcoin .
- They do not hold it long term.
- This is also the reason why the market will give us extreme drawdrowns in Price, so most of the investors will get emotionally and leave the market.

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