FUD over, locked and loaded for a huge bounce to 10,000.

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Will release video analysis later, just wanted to get this out now.
US senate hearing seems to be indicating a high probability of crypto never being banned, only regulated.
What's nations of the G20 are clear on crypto regulations, there is really not much left to stop this market from going up. The key factor here is that BTC at $6000 means that Bitcoin is 0.1% of global bank notes and banking deposits. We should at least get to 1%, making the target around $60,000 USD. However, this specific trade setup is for a swing trade. If I see confirmation in a few weeks, that we will be going even higher, I will make another trade idea for that.

Entered yesterday at 6515, I was meaning to post it but trading my own money and my clients money is far more important than posting these ideas at the exact moment I entered. However, I will do my best to get these ideas out as soon as possible after my entries and preferably before my entries (trades that were planned many days in advance, not hours in advance).

Targets, stop and additional entries can clearly be seen on the chart (red and green boxes, the R/R entry tool).

Disclaimer: Not a financial advisor, this is a public trading journal and educational tool. This means I am not recommending you buy or sell anything. I am only showing you what I think will happen and what I am doing. By viewing this statement you have been fully informed that the opinions in these videos, if acted upon due to your own willingness, could lose you money.

Looking to do professional analysis and create ideas for professional traders, banks or hedge funds with investment capital above USD 1million. I have been trading the Euro -0.07% and stock indices for 50+ hours a week since 2011.

If interested, contact me.

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