BTC will Not go down! Are you tired of hearing doomsday stories?

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Lately most TA's and published articles talking about doomsday scenarios. Btc will go down to 8k usd or whatever they can come up with. In my opinion actual output of this bad,fud,misleading news will be completely opposite. Do you actually think miners,investors will let this happen?Tether news was baseless, Korean exchange news was also misleading.Selling your BTC only helps investors .Get your head together stop selling your BTC . One or 2 powerful investors can change this picture in no time BITFINEX:BTCUSD . First target is very clear as per 4 hour chart speaks for itself.
Trade ist aktiv: target for BTC is 13500 by feb 5 2018. They will mess with your brain until you sell your BTC.Some unknown powers got agenda in their hands.. Do not buy into FUD news... Hold strong. Correction is over. Don't want to be the guy selling at the bottom. No reason to panic anymore.
Ps. I am also invested heavily in BTC and BCH . Not planing to sell it under this pressure. I have made a mistake in the past. NOT anymore.
Trade ist aktiv: Btc just entering new upwards channel. Can be good opportunity to buy at this moment before taking off. Bull's will take over from this point. Time for bears to cry out-loud. Dream is on. Ocean front house awaits for me at the end of this tunnel ;)
Trade ist aktiv: Btc's gods working their magic. We are still on target moving along oscillating expected projection path. Weak hands will sell and we are better off without them anyway.. Time to believe... I went all in as of 1 hour ago.
Trade ist aktiv: I guess people are just looking for excuse to sell their bitcoins. Whats India got to do with Bitcoin? They don't even have big market to effect the outcome this much. I seen some Ta's using facebook ads as an excuse. This needs to stoppp now! Again Some powers got agenda.Just stop being part of it..... Bitcoin still above 9000 range. Big drop from this point could hit the market for years to come.
Arcoon, I have been trading for the past 30 years. I can tell you by experience that when you are in a bear market, don't fight it. It's as powerful as a tsunami. The BTC charts are telling us CLEARLY that we are in the early phase of this bear market. That are no REAL buyers out there. On top top of that, BTC had a parabolic pattern. Every parabolic (bubbles) chart lose 90% of there value afterward.

There are still too many bullish BTC holders who still believe in a 100k target. Once these people really start to recognize it won't happen, then the bear market bottom will be reached.

The real panic has not arrived yet.

I hope the best for you!

arcoon jim626
@jim626, You may be right but I am still not convinced enough to sell my Btc and Bch at a major loss. I may not have as much experience as you do but still got good understanding of this game. I am really hoping that you are wrong in this one because loosing 90% of value would mean bitcoin hitting as low as $2000.I don't believe in 100K target but reasonably If or when people stop selling their bitcoins,this game could very well turn back around to 20k plus game. If people gets too greedy and allow bitcoin to go down that much, this could kill this market for years. We all love this game. Up's or down's part of it. This market at the moment teaching the best lessons ever. It looks like I have made mistake but I will not give up. Not so easy. I got a heart of lion and patience as turtle.I hope people will not let down this market.

Ps. I been watching the charts close.Some people are passive buying with orders 1000-2000 btc scale.I truly hope this people will drive the price up once they fulfill their greedy agenda.
jim626 arcoon
@arcoon, Ho! I understand what you're going through. Your in a trap. I've been there before. Best advice i could tell you is never hold on to ANY investment because your position is at a loss. Always ask yourself: is my capital today at the right place? Is there a better opportunity somewhere else? If the answer is yes, then, sell and forget about the loss.

The best traders sell at loss most of the time (many small loses). If someone does not want to sell because of a loss, he is not reading the charts anymore. He is stuck with his ego. No money can be made this way.

Whish you the best!
One word for your TA? Misleading
arcoon Commodore3
@Commodore3, one word for you. You are the one who is misleading people. I can see that you want btc to go down under 8k so you can make more profit on.It will not happen.
@arcoon, Lol. I make predictions based on what the charts are saying, not based on petty sentiments. That makes a lot of difference between winning and losing. Let's see how this plays out tho. I didn't mean to insult you tho
Commodore3 Commodore3
@Commodore3, Right now, I'm not in any trade. I have my $$ in hand waiting for the next market movement
arcoon Commodore3
@Commodore3, I respect your opinion. I used to look at charts and try to guess from there(max many mistakes as a result of it) . I been in crypto bussines succesfully since 2014.Longer than most here. lately Btc's charts has been altered by fud news by unknown powers. First misleading Korean exchange news(later goverment officals admited that they took advantage of this situation) then right after old tether news published from Dec 6 resurfaced as it is recent news without a source??? (I would bot believe any news without a source) . First of all Usa had no jurisdiction over bitfinex or tether. Second of all tether already published pre sep2017 records on their Internet site. People are not stupid. They are just afraid and misslead at this point. Btc gods will come back and make Btc stronger than ever. My opinion correction is over. I can't ask you to reconsider your opinion based on my views but I truly believe in mine.
@arcoon, That's great. But I believe charts still work. At least some of the time. Take a look at this:

arcoon Commodore3
@Commodore3, yes you are right.Breakdowns seems everywhere this month or so. By the time I was publishing this idea btc was around 9800usd. $300-500 should not make much difference as long as it stays above $9000 range. If it goes below this level I would admit my mistake. At this point I am just looking at my screens and shaking my head off. Why would anybody want to sell their BTC so cheap(Fear or loosing or simple manipulation?)I bought btc between 9900-11000k range. I am not even worried a bit at this point. If this goes down we all go down. We are in this together. Lets see where we going to end up by feb 5 :)I still believe that btc can come back stronger than ever. One good news about BTC will turn this table instantly.
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