Cardano – ADA/ETH – Bullish 5th Wave

BITTREX:ADAETH   Cardano / Ethereum
Cardano was released recently and it’s looking like “the next big thing”.

Since it’s lift-off it enjoyed a Bullish run and now in a Consolidation which in this case would translate as a possibility to get reinforcements before a Rally would commence.
Wave Count presented below suggests that Cardano could triple in value over a short amount of time.

BUY Position:

Entry – 0.00056300
SL – 0.00037000
Targets – 0.00095000 / 0.00119000 / 0.00157500
Kommentar: Wave Count Update:

* if a move down occurs in 5 swings sequence it should be treated as Minuette (c) (red) and I will be looking for a BUY set-up
Trade ist aktiv: Retracement finalized, Cardano could start a Rally which could make it triple in value.
Kommentar: Bullish Extension in progress:
Kommentar: Minuette (iv) complete, Bullish Extension in Minuette (v) in progress.
Kommentar: 1st and 2nd Targets reached! 3rd Target in play and in the green.

Cardano is showing a Bearish Divergence which is awaiting its turn and another final swing on the upside so that Minor 1 would complete its cycle.

Sharp Correction in focus as per Minor 2.

Kommentar: Correction in Minor 2 unfolded.

ADA/ETH retraced 50% of the entire Minor 1's cycle.

Possible Bullish turn.

Kommentar: ADA/ETH providing a Bullish set-up which could reach 0.0040 in a Rally!

Time to buy ADA/ETH .. again :)

Entry @ 0.00036
SL @ 0.00015
Targets - 0.00075 / 0.00115 / 0.00155 / 0.00215 / 0.00275 / 0.0035 / 0.0040
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I bought at 0.00069600. What should my targets be?
Your counting is interesting ! I thought the first wave was the breakout of the triangle (ABC) and that we would be only at the 4th wave yet. But now that I see your chart, it makes much more sense. At first I didn't think that the 1st and second one were right, because of the rule (no overlap) but in fact, there's no overlap. Thanks !
@archymede, with pleasure and glad you found the wave count useful. Many pips ahead!
@archymede, hope you gained with the 1st view, now there is another opportunity, check out the last update, cheers!
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