Bullish cross for Ada, with targets. Happy Holidays everyone!

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin

Ada bullish cross of the hourly 20 above 50, cci just turned a modest but firm green.

Those dips down, if you'll believe it, they coincide with the trendline drawn from the very first drop, bounce and retest pattern that Ada made when it arrived on bittrex.

Here it is on the 4h.

Where I would also like to draw your attention to this figure, a closeup of last segment of the move higher and consolidation

Notice how the dip tests the 1.618 fib right where the trendline rises above it,
and then the next retest of what would be the fib tests the trendline instead?

I think this trendline will prove important support for a continued move higher.

For confirmation I would say wait for the 4h moving averages to flip and the candles to get above them. We are close enough to the price-level where this would happen that we're not missing out on a lot of upside by waiting for it.

Targets? Well, the fibs are already up aren't they. 5500, 8100.

Feedback? Please leave a comment.

Good luck.

Kommentar: Basically, for confirmation wait for an hourly close above the green line at 2983 - perhaps even a retest of that level and the previous highs.
Kommentar: Guys, if you're already long, take a good look at the 4h chart.

The 200 moving average is at roughly the same level as the previous high. Even if we drop back down to that level and bounce up, we would still be in a bull trend against bitcoin in Ada. That's a 50% drop.

This is not a risk-free trade. I'm just saying that the upside - in satoshi's - is higher than the downside.

*if* the trendline breaks down, there will be sweet buyins all the way down to the 4h 200.

I did say wait for confirmation right? It is important that we get above the hourly 50.
Kommentar: We did it!

We got above that hourly 50, then the 20, then the 200, and now the moonrocket is in full swing. Even this last rally has been regularly backtesting it's own 0.618 and 0.5 fibs, so even if we go horizontal for a few hours the race is still on to the targets.
Kommentar: here's a zoomed-out chart so you can see those red trendlines on the chart as well as the CCI ; we've got some great bullish divergence.

See how the CCI trend is almost horizontal, but angled slightly down, while the chart trendline is making higher and higher peaks? That's Divergence. Good indicator for further bullish action, perhaps a break above the red trendline on the chart is in the works?
Kommentar: It's my girl ADA everyone! She be flyin'!

Kommentar: She be correcting! Or making a bullflag. Either way, we've found resistance. Still bullish trend.
So, target reached. are we going higher? It all depends on this moving average. We've horizontalled straight into it on the 15-minute chart. So expect a move in the next few hours, because we're either going to bounce up or watch it do a leg lower to look for support elsewhere.

Oh, and happy newyears :)
Kommentar: So, target 1 reached, but;

Ada is showing some signs of trend reversal, finding resistance instead of support at the 15 - minute 200.
Kommentar: Back above the hourly 50! Good to go up from here.
Kommentar: Bitcoin surged! A new flag formed. One flag, two perspectives:

Kommentar: Green!
And then some, my lord! 1.618 touched.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Sold at 7200. I like it to continue, but at this point there are better opportunities in other alts. Time to take profit while we're still in the green!
First real target reached. Next big target 8100

Are there any new targets for ADA, sir? Thank you!
@emily100, Zoom out :)
Hi robert, thx for your view on charts. How do you see future of ADA in 2 days? Buy or not now?
@okropik, Sorry i didnt get around to answer you in time: It would have been a buy tho, as long as it stays above the 50 moving average hourly.
here no any confirmation for buy trade..
From moving average and markit not cross the his first high....
So please this no time inter the market here..
No any confirmation...
@Sial777, Well, I would have to say you were wrong. 12 hours ago - around the time when you commented, it says here - it was retesting the 20moving average, which is a perfect buy opportunity.
Can you report an update on the TA? ADA went up near 3K and returned to base 2.9K real quick.
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MichalWiatr cryptoboz
@cryptoboz, yep, plz update
I don't really do TA as im still learning but that looks very promising, just need to make sure it doesnt bust the trend line?
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