XRPUSD irrational exuberance: Can this end well?

Ripple's market cap is circa $100 billion.
JPMorgan 370B
Wells Fargo 299B
Goldman Sachs 96B

Maybe it'll go to $100/XRP?

Still, I'm not putting "Short" sign to this post b/c there's a decent chance Ripple may overtake Bitcoin in market cap in the first weeks of 2018.

TA doesn't work at this point. It's a risky move, but this one may just keep going up. On the other hand, it can go down any moment for a 80% cut.

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Kommentar: We got a shooting star doji yesterday. I'd say at least for a couple of days ATH won't be broken. If today we have a long red, that's a strong evening star top reversal pattern.
Kommentar: Will XRP overtake bitcoin in market cap this month? There appears to be a push to at least $4. I'm really feeling the regrets & fomo now.
Kommentar: Important news found by @quantguy


Ripple probably won't go higher for now. Has everyone missed out on 1000% profit?
Kommentar: Ripple was setting up bull trap
I went out came back and kaput
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Your web site is awesome, like a mix between a blog and a magazine.
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jesus360 jesus360
@jesus360, And by the way, do you think that this XRP rally will continue untill next days? Or is already this price and market cap growing unsustainable?
DrJLT jesus360
@jesus360, absolutely zero idea. If I knew it could continue I'd bought two days ago. I was afraid of the height :D

But I think the largest BTC volume these days have actually been XRP/BTC, suggesting people using btc to buy xrp. TA-wise it's already past the point to sell, but the market is irrational when simultaneously we have a crash and a mooning
@DrJLT, So maybe we can have a pump in BTC because of the people re-buying cheap BTC with expensive XRP? I think that it's possible (BTC +-$14-15k).

And if you look in Bitcoin and Cryptos forums (like in Facebook groups) there a lot of new news and posts telling that XRP is centralized and bank backed up, so maybe that help to a dump of its price.
DrJLT jesus360
@jesus360, I personally think btc will go under 10k but that it'll go to 14k first. It's a slow blow-off (lower highs & lower lows).

That's just a theory.

People who have enjoyed 100% profit in two days I personally think won't like bitcoins performance anymore & could go to another low-priced coin. Could be ADA.
@DrJLT, So true, I've already bought some Adas, I think it's a good choice for a mid and long term hodling.
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DrJLT jesus360
@jesus360, thanks man.
80% cut ? down to 0.40 ?
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