Is it time for defining a trend?

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
I have analyzing XRPUSD in deep, because it is my major investment in crypto world. I am currently OFF because from my point of view it is unclear what's next.
In my previous analysis I post an idea for bottom support line since ripple start growing. Today based on that line I draw another one with obvious importance for support and resistance . XRP already touch both lines several times and retrace always.

It may sound optimistic but I think it is possible that we may see some movements like this ones.

And remember: Everyone has to decide when and what a deal to do! I just write some drafts here. I do not expect to complete them at 100%.
Note: Stop loss is always a must!

See my previous analysis on XRP/USD
Kommentar: If ripple gets into the ichimoku cloud - this will be the first sign.
If it only bounce on it and go up - then this idea can be canceled!
Trade ist aktiv: It is just a suggestion, but I already enter it.
I am long @ 1.33 with Target 1.70 - 1.75.
This week bears are weak, and bulls takes a little bit stronger.
Looking at weekly chart bulls eats more than 50% of bear's success.
We touch .786 fib level and at the moments we are in .618
I expect to go higher @ .5 = 1.75 next week. This fib level is the top line of current trend, so there is no surprises for now.
Kommentar: However my trend is not confirmed. Ripple already broke ichimoku cloud, but not touch bottom of the trend. It can be touched before going to the 1.70 level.
Kommentar: It seems ripple will bounce at 1.00 before rise to 1.70.
If 1 dollar support broke, we can see fall to 0.20.
I plan to buy more at 1 dollar.
Happy trading!
Kommentar: It becomes a bit long trade here. As we can see ripple want to touch bottom before going to the top.
Changed target at 1.85.
Second entry at 1.05 - 1.10
It seems my ideas are with very low interest.
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