CBOE:VIX   Volatility S&P 500 Index
Der DJIA hat am 14.11.2017 direkt nach Handelsbeginn 168 Punkte verloren. Zum Handelsende endet der Dow Jones Index auf Tageshoch.

Das Candlepattern deutet ein setup für einen weiteren upmove an, der zu neuen ATH´s beim DJIA führen sollte.

Vice Versa zeigt der VIX ein sell signal. Kurziel bis Jahresende sind neue All Time Lows.
Kommentar: SPY/SPX: Antizipierte SKS wird nach oben aufglöst oberhalb von 2.580 Punkten. Dies entspricht einem Plus von weniger als 1% von den aktuellen Niveaus aus.

29,3 % bullish
35,4 % neutral
35,2 % bearish

AAII Sentiment Survey:
Pessimism has fallen by 10.0 percentage points over the past two weeks and is now at its lowest level since mid-September. http://www.aaii.com/sentimentsurvey
Trade ist aktiv: Wall Street recovers on strong Wal-Mart, Cisco earnings
Trade ist aktiv: VIX unter 11: VIX fällt um 6,9% auf 10,65.
Kommentar: VIX fällt unter 10. VIX: Anstieg der letzten Woche ebnet den Weg nach unten:
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Trade ist aktiv: VIX: Neue All Time Lows

Dow tops 25,000 on strong private hiring, global growth hopes

The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke above the 25,000 level for the first time on Thursday and other major indexes scaled new highs after strong U.S. private jobs data added to upbeat sentiment following indications of robust growth globally. The 30-member blue-chip index crossed five 1,000-point marks in 2017, driven partly by President Donald Trump's pro-growth agenda and solid corporate earnings. The momentum carried into 2018, with the benchmark S&P index closing above 2,700 for the first time on Wednesday and the Nasdaq settling above 7,000 a day earlier."Every 1,000-point increment in the Dow is becoming less of a percent move. It's just another milestone," said Michael Antonelli, managing director, institutional sales trading at Robert W. Baird in Milwaukee.

"The point that people need to take is that the macro indicators are telling investors that world economies are doing really well."

World stocks also hit records, driven by strong manufacturing and services sector data in major economies. U.S. private employers stepped up hiring in December and planned layoffs by American-based companies fell sharply, pointing to sustained labor market strength.

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