USOIL Another Potential Short Zone with 1526 pips in pocket

FX:USOIL   Rohöl CFD's (WTI)
Hi All, congrats we earned 1526 pips in previous short with three 3 trades. Now it seems there will be another potential short zone.

Although we short, the current trend is still bullish .
Kommentar: Just nicely hit the bottom of the zone and entry on 49.19 and lowest hit 48.57, 62 pips earned.

Kommentar: hit my entry price, nothing earned. pending for better place to short again
Kommentar: reenter again on 49.30 as a hidden pattern has been completed
Kommentar: good drop.
Kommentar: My another pending order is on 50, but today only hit 49.92, did not active. Still only have one added back 49.3 and some previously remaining lots shorted from 51.5. Now is 48.91, all in profit
Kommentar: Another trade active on 50.42, the ceiling of zone.
Kommentar: Just nicely hit my 50.42 which is short zone top level. now is 49.9, one position from 49.3(-60pips),one position from 50.42(52pips), intotal now lose 8 pips.
Kommentar: Now it's 49, two positions 172 pips. Oil just hit my predicted top level then big drop!
Kommentar: 48.38 hit,2 positions 296pips. partial profit taken at 48.5
Kommentar: Hit 46.69, 2 positions 658 pips u can earn.
Kommentar: prepare to take another partial profit around 46 guys.
Kommentar: hit 45.82 last night. Half profit taken on 46 as i said in last comment.


any updates/

I saw USDCAD reversed big on Friday, usually a sign oil is about to shift trends.
Leo - oil is back up to $48.30 is this a good place to short?

Thanks for all your good work!
LeoYao Lauramanci
Hi u can wait for 48.7 to 49 area
+1 Antworten
Once hitting 46 do you see a pullback to the 50s again?
LeoYao abail
Maybe but I will not Long from 46
Wow, My first big wins. But all my positions hit their TP while I was sleeping. Didn't expect it to dive that fast but it's ok. Now I have made up for all my losses and made some more.
LeoYao EricDelacrausaz
It's better u come to my class bro. U need to make ur winning consistently. Many people regret not take my class first before they lose all the money
I will. Thanks
Hi Leo, Now it hat it moved back in the zone, I'm thinking about taking another position short, is that how you all do it and end up with multiple positions? I think the short idea is still live, correct?
LeoYao EricDelacrausaz
Hi, yes normally before pullback starts I take some profits already so when pullback finish I add back the positions. For now if it cannot break 50 , u can short. Another trial is yesterday high to short
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