Wait till USOIL comes to 49.9 to 51.5 Zone.Short Then Long

FX:USOIL   Rohöl CFD's (WTI)
You can take RSI into consideration. If everything is perfect, we can short from C point and long from point D.
Kommentar: Oil hit 49.4 then drop little. wait and see it's second or third test our yellow zone.
Kommentar: Short from a little bit higher than 50 and today lowest is 47.73 till now, around 230 pips earned.
Kommentar: The Oil price is struggling below our yellow zone now. Whatever, you already keep some profit in your pocket. Just put your SL to your entry will do.
Kommentar: Umm,the Oil still struggling around the zone. Reenter again just now. Let's see how
Kommentar: Add one more position and I would like to put the SL a little higher than the purple channel up level as tonight has EIA data.
Kommentar: Seems drop from my second entry from 51.16

Kommentar: Now I have three short positions; 50.2, 51.16 and 51.51. I won't open any more position for this trade unless the downtrend is obvious.
Current price is 50.28, the P/L for the three positions are : -8pips, + 88pips and + 123pips.
In total 203 pips. I would like to do sth to protect my profit.
Kommentar: Now is 49.8 , I earned 353 pips for my three positions
Kommentar: 49.52 just now.443 pips for my three positions.
Kommentar: 49.11 now, 563 pips earned. today may break 49
Kommentar: really break 49 on friday, lowest is 48.79. Three positions have earned 626 pips !
Kommentar: 48.19 just now, three positions 806 pips. take note to take another profit between 47.8 to 48 range
Kommentar: Hit 48, 866 pips. Take partial profits
Kommentar: I look at tonight's moon and star, seems like it told me 48 cannot support oil anymore today... joking..
Kommentar: today hit 47.54, 3 trades 1004 pips earned
Kommentar: Hit 47.26,1088 pips in total
Kommentar: hit 47.20, 1106 pips. Today may break down below 47
Kommentar: hit 46.55,3 positions 1301 pips earned.
Kommentar: 46.12 hit, 1430 pips for 3 positions
Kommentar: 45.8 hit,3positions 1526pips.another almost1600pips
Kommentar: hit 45.82 last night. Half profit taken on 46 as i said in last comment.


A few more PIPS and I will have made up for all my losses in the last 2 weeks. Moved my SL to secure some profits just in case.
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Hi Leo, I still keep my shorts and I wonder if you still keep your shorts? if yes where should we move the SL? thanks
hi yes, i still have but have take partial profits twice. To ur entry
if it test 47.95 can sell sir ?
Hi Leo,

Your charts help a lot. The last few days I was able to get some profits, but today I got over anxious and tried to do the GBP for short term to take profits tomorrow and I got a whammy and lost my gains for the week. I also wanted to get into the oil with a sell but then noticed your comment below to wait until after the EIA data. When is that due to be released? and will it still be a sell? I guess that will have to be seen. Again Thank you.
LeoYao EricDelacrausaz
Hi Eric, It's good that i hear you already begin to win. Actually I do not know the reason why u lose GBPUSD trade today as it goes perfectly as I predicted. Anytime, just remember patience pays back. EIA is around 22:30 pm here in Singapore timezone. U can use google to transfer to your country's time. I propose when it's high, u can short. :) Thanks.
Thanks Leo,

It was actually GBPCHF and GBPJPY that I tried out but somehow as soon as I entered them, they started losing until I got SL. The GBPJPY went a little longer then the GBPCHF but was still not good enough to keep rolling. It's all good though, it was my mistake again. Is 22:30 when the announcement is made? That is in one hour, I presume they will make an announcement then or wait, the event calendar is where we get the info correct? I agree that patience is very important when it comes to trading....everytime I did not have patience I lost. Anyway thank you.
LeoYao EricDelacrausaz
Hi Eric, Yes, 22:30 is the time EIA release the data. U can improve from here. Do not worry too much, bro
Hi Leo, what is the target price for this short? Thanks!
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you see any rebound in oil from here to enter short again?
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