USOIL Trade within Triangle

FX:USOIL   Rohöl CFD's (WTI)
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Previously we shorted from 51.5 and 50. And we took most profit around 46 as i remind all of followers many times to take major profit there first.

Now seems the USOIL is moving withing a very clear range. I believe you should know what to do then.

Arrow in the chart only shows one possible direction it may go.
Kommentar: Quite good drop from below green zone, now is 48.81
Kommentar: 48.2hit,TP1 achieved
Kommentar: Hit 47.9, take small profit as comes to a support level
Kommentar: Hit 47.5
Kommentar: Hit 46.70.take another partial profit
Kommentar: 46.1 hit, take partial profit
Kommentar: As I chatted, this is triangle. So I asked my students take at least half profit at 46. Lowest hit 45.9. Some also Long it from 46 now is 46.4 already. In my group,u can win both short and Long
Kommentar: We short from green zone most tp and Long from 46 now is 46.75Lol
Kommentar: 47.10 now,good! Short then Long
Kommentar: from 46, 47.92 now!cheers
Kommentar: Hi 48.10, take half profit. Now I have signal service and training class available. Signal service and student group are in QQ. Student Group is only available for those tool the training package.
For query about signal service or training class,please email to leoyaotrading@outlook.com or add my QQ:694261986.
Kommentar: Breakout as predicted, wait for pull back to short
Kommentar: See chart below. Do not feel amazed about the accurate prediction. After my class you can do the same. Just nicely pull back to blue line and drop again.
Kommentar: This idea is super accurate for all movement.
Kommentar: Going to retest again.
Leo, what is a final target for this short? that do you think?
LeoYao AlexeyEfremov
Hi sir that is available in student group only
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Could you please send me any screenshot with proper prediction of target and etc from you in advance?
how about short now ?
LeoYao Askari
Wait and see
+1 Antworten
what is the TP please ?
LeoYao thewakingeye
The triangle is the tp
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do we see bat pattern on usoil now? LONG?!
LeoYao iceblade2008
Yes we did that in my student group
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Good call Leo
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