FTSE: Don't Say You Weren't Warned! +643.5 Points Profits

So how many of you were surprised and got caught off guard with the recent market bloodbath? Be honest! Were you all surprised about it? If you weren't and you cashed in on this massive drop, congrats! As for me, I warned about a coming BIG MOVE way back on January 9th             on my site to the people who trusted me that this was coming and issued a SELL recommendation to them. And BOY! Did it pay off for them! If you trade indexes, then you know what kind of profits were made on this.

Here's what I posted here on January 29th as well: "FTSE: Set For A BIG Fall! Could Be Worth 600+ points! So Far +82". Did you listen? If you did, congrats to you!

But now that this has happened...what now? Well, what this massive drop has done is to launch the Footsie into a corrective phase. As my wave count shows, the highs were the end of a long wave 3. What follows a wave 3? Why of course...a corrective wave 4. This drop was only the first salvo fired in this wave 4 and this means that prices are heading even lower than the lows of this spike down. But as with any corrective wave, things are not going to be crystal clear as to the how this correction will unfold and where and when the good trading opportunities will present themselves.

I am constantly analyzing and re-analyzing this and many other indexes and trading instruments and I update my charts to my followers daily. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to post them here. PM me if you want to know how to get the updates.
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