TRON (TRX) 200% Short Term Trade (LOW RISK) - BETA VERSION

This is a BETA VERSION meaning that this is a rough draft of what targets we have for TRON. We will be releasing full version of TRON chart within hours/days - please be patient as we get everything ready!

Members had early access to this trade and updates!

Invest only what you can afford to lose - we are not your financial advisors
Kommentar: We are looking good, perfect timing
Trade ist aktiv: Activate Mid-Long term trade
Kommentar: Going up strong as promised. 650 is next target, let's see if we can hit that target
Kommentar: We do not sell this coin

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you mention zero ta just a few lines for show. You guys are a shame to the crypto community.
If you comment on my comment you can unlock 1000% percent gains. lol
@rrood, You miss out on the fact that we have over 80 free charts on here, you're not paying anything for them. If you don't want to become a member, then don't, but stop spamming my charts please. Don't find my free charts useful? Don't look at them!
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Your chart doesn’t saying anything except giv me money and I will tell you when to buy what a joke
@rrood, In that case you should look at it closely because we have all targets outlines for you on chart with Stop Loss recommendation, overall look at what is occurring with this coin currently and etc. Not sure the reasoning behind your negative comment
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jmosby rrood
@rrood, Are we looking at same chart? Way to many people like you in this market complaining about FREE analysis. Be grateful man
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