SPY: Brave call - Bottom's in

Just want to document this call. I'm long with 20% of my portfolio here.
No hedges now, you can jump in and risk 1% with either a 3 ATR stop loss, or a new daily low if bold.
SPX cfds are a good option for FX traders who don't trade equities, you may enter here if not in.
Stop at today's low +1 tick is ok.
You can simply go with no stop and size it to fit 20% of your cash in an equities account.

Good luck!

Ivan Labrie.
Kommentar: The stops are a hindrance at this point, we'll probably see volatile trading, but I doubt we'll go much lower if at all. Holding long term entries and waiting for now. It appears we won't have a clear trend until after the elections, and even then I still don't know if there can be a trend before the December rate hike comes to fruition (or not). If the keeps screaming wolf, but then talking vaguely on each meeting and putting it off and postponing, being data dependent, etc. there probably won't be any clear trending move, and instead we'll continue seeing this mostly choppy trading, contained by a range, both in the short term and in the longer term. Overall, I think buying low, and selling against resistance might be good.
Kommentar: ***if the FED keeps... (I omitted one word)
Kommentar: Not too shabby.
Kommentar: Will average entries once we get confirmation tomorrow.
Kommentar: Being net long is still perfectly fine:

Kommentar: Terrific!
Kommentar: Click play...feels good, glad I held patiently.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: aaaaand I'm out, closed at 218.96.
Kommentar: Let's monitor for reentry.
Kommentar: All time highs as expected, I'll reenter soon.
We still have rather easy upside to 228-229.
Kommentar: Still on track.
Kommentar: Long term target:

Kommentar: Short sellers: equities are easier to buy, almost always. I'd reccomend stopping by the KHL chatroom for more insights like this one. We have very few but active collaborators who are eager to learn and apply these methods to reap the benefits of Tim West's research and experience.
Kommentar: Let's see if we hit the target before another correction.
Kommentar: Tim West's tools are unmatched to spot bottoms in the stock market.
Great to see this Ivan - Great job publishing this!
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