S&P500INFT 01/10/2019 Neutral

SPCFD:S5INFT   S&P 500 Information Technology
This is my first idea as a total amateur.

My idea is about what could happen to S&P500INFT according to the Trump/USA vs Xi/China trade conflict.
Imho the possibilty of a trade deal is not very high, but it's also very unlikely that the conflict escalates to a real trade war.
S&P500INFT chart signals that a decision will be made very soon and I guess there is a broad spectrum of possible outcomes of what could happen.

If ecoomical growth slows down and trade war escalates even further, stock markets are likely to crash - especially the S&P500 INFT would suffer a lot.
If a deal US/China becomes reality, we could see stocks rising till early 2020.

This is my opinion and as you can see, it is very unclear.
I would be very happy if anybody would publish some serious thougts about S&P500INFT.

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There is another influence: Trump wins election in Nov. and goes ballistic on stocks like GOOG, FB, TWTR and other left-leaning Techies. If I were in his shoes - they´d be toast.