Nasdaq - Shooting Star at Trendchannel - Be Careful

NASDAQ:NDX   Nasdaq 100 Index
Since Christmas, the Nasdaq has already gained over 14% and has come close to the top trend channel. There was formed with yesterday's conclusion a shooting star . This is known to be a trend reversal signal and if such signals appear on a trend line , then this signal should be taken first.
Long positions are to be drawn accordingly into the profit and partial profit takings do not hurt either.
The short option looks like this:
Entry short with today's opening on the US markets with StopLoss at yesterday's daily high of 6.721 points.
Greetings from Hannover
Stefan Bode
Zins oder Dividende? Aktien oder Anleihen? Was sind Wandeloptionsanleihen?
Immobilien oder Rohstoffe?
Sind Lebensversicherungen sicher?
Geld richtig investieren!


Excellent analysis!
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Thank you Stefan - "Shorting-Star" LOL
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So NDX have now broken through on the upside of the resistance level. Against your technical analysis.

Any comment?
@rlasse, not every signal is confirmed, although Trend Channel and Shooting Star already represent a heightened caution. Due to the break or the higher high, this signal has become obsolete.