LTC will be killed by Segwit2x [Yes2x]

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Segwit2x will kill LTC, just use twitter to ask @SatoshiLite this banned truth.
Kommentar: There will be no need for LTC if we can transfer value faster and without exchange fees associated with BTCLTC exchange, all bussinesses which are using LTC bcs lower fees and better speed can move back to BTC easily and have better conditions to provide bussiness for customers. Just use twitter to ask @SatoshiLite this banned truth.
Kommentar: After Segwit2X BTC will move from this :
BTC is store of wealth and LTC is fast cheap transactions.
To this :
BTC is store of wealth and fast cheap transactions. LTC is just another dead aLTCoin.
Just use twitter to ask @SatoshiLite this banned truth
Kommentar: If youre not comfortable with shorting Litecoin, atleast stop using it on protest against FUD spreading Charlie Lee. There is more people out there hurting Bitcoin, but Charlie Lee is most prominent one.
Kommentar: There is a lot of misinformation about Segwit bounty. We are not associated with all those groups demanding cryptografical proofs off any claim. We think it should be plain stupid to have cryptographical proof of Segwits 1 million evaluation. Everyone knows Segwit is worth more.
You sound like you know a little about tech and zero about, finance, economics, market psychology, and life in general. LTC will always be around, Coke and Pepsi, gold and silver, doesn't matter, even if the analogies are not perfect. People have preferences and they like having choices, and investors like to be diverse. Moreover, traders will always see them as different opportunities, even if they exhibit the same fundamentals and accomplish the same tasks in the same manner.

They might draw cap from each other on occasion as the markets grow/evolve, sure. But if you're a business selling a product or service you're not going to refuse LTC, just because BTC is back on a level playing field or even if it's a little faster. You will accept whatever crypto people have as long as the transaction times, the costs, and the fees are similar. And of the regular users of cryptocurrencies that hold more than a few dollars worth of crypto, most will store their value in different baskets, even if those baskets look the same, carry the same amount of eggs, and are made out of the same materials.

Moreover, Charlie lee has a rather sizable, loyal following. He maintains a reputation for being savvy in business--especially in fintech--and he is a solid tech innovator to boot. Let's face it, even if you hate him and disagree with everything he says and does, he is a leader in the crypto space, a sort of, Founding Father if you will. And that does not seem likely to change anytime soon.

Grow up. Live a little and learn how the world works. You sound like a teenager, but I won't presume to know your age from your post. I am relatively certain, however, regardless of your age, that you're inexperienced when it comes to life in general.

Enjoy watching LTC plow through the $100.00 mark before the holidays.
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@aemike010, world works like this - if you sold your LTC holdings and bought BTC on Sept 28 already, how much would you made ?
aemike010 JamesAGarfield
@JamesAGarfield, bhahahahaha, First off, I hold both. BTC will always be the largest part of my portfolio. Second, press play on your chart, moron. You're on tech analysis site, don't forget. Maybe blogging is more your speed? LTC didn't lose any value, BTC gained in value. Are you another one of these people that can't distinguish between BTC and Fiat markets? Face it, the pricing of each coin shows that everything you said incorrect. BTC has seen 10% since I wrote here, except, when LTC hits 60 with a flick, accomplishing the same thing for its holders in one afternoon that compelled you to come on here and brag, you can be sure I will let you know about it. MOreover, LTC already went up and touched 90 since the day you're talking about. It's literally astounding how little you know about crypto markets. Keep trying though, bahahhaah
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@aemike010, What the hell are you even blabing about. You failed, go be angry somewhere else.
aemike010 JamesAGarfield
@JamesAGarfield, Wait, what's happening, how come LTC just smashed through resistance and is flying up in value? I don't understand...
aemike010 JamesAGarfield
@JamesAGarfield, Is my computer broken, because it's still going up?
@aemike010, yes you won, i failed, im crying now. i lost all my money bcs im from some weird part of world where people cant understand what time and dates mean.
LTC hit $69 since you posted this and is still in an uptrend for the year with the ATH still on the table for 2017 despite weakening volume due to China's exchanges closing. XRP has hit .30 at least twice since you posted this as well. If you are truly trading with others' money, you lost them a significant amount of profit already.
@Box1515, Maybe it was bear trap, maybe this is bull trap, maybe this does not matter at all, maybe you buy, so you want to ruin me, maybe baybe. XRP has almost instant confirmations and 10th of fees of LTC, thats why XRP went up. And you forgot BTC went up too. So i do not really get what you trying to say.
Box1515 JamesAGarfield
@JamesAGarfield, I just happened to find this post when looking through LTC ideas, so I have no desire to "ruin (you)." It just seems like your purpose was to promote FUD. XRP went up because of anticipation over Swell; it had nothing to do with LTC. LTC went up, albeit more modestly. because it is and will continue to be a coin with a solid, established place in the market. BTC will always reign supreme because it was first, but there's plenty of room in the market for strong altcoins like XRP and LTC.
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