IOTA USD - bullish reverse Head and Shoulders forming

IOTA major announcements are probably just a week or two away. IXI HUB plugin developed by a team which has made setups for Forex exchanges will allow over 5 new exchanges to add IOTA just per plug&play. New wallet is finally coming out and more announcements to follow. Bosch has acquired IOTA tokens and wants to use them. Giant companies are joining the IOTA alliance. Porsche, Volkswagen, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Cisco. The only other coin with such fundamentals is Ethereum which has a way larger market cap. I see IOTA generall around 15 USD or higher in 2018.

Also on daily chart we see some bullish divergence in MACD and IOTA is pretty oversold, while in IOTBTC we can see a tightening of the Bollinger Bands which just waits for a catalyst to break out.

RSI on daily is oversold while MACD is crossing to bullish after bullish divergence.
Kommentar: Update:

I have a short position active now from 1.84 to 1.9 with stop loss in 1.77

I'm aware of the facts you told, very bullish

Do you recommend a more long term, if so what stop loss? I'm thinking 1.44

Problem is we are still on bearish trend long term, and if bitcoin colapse again it will influence everyother (unfortunatelly that is very immature)
Prometheus777 giovannicandido
@giovannicandido, Dependency on BTC makes it hardly predictable, under other circumstances and with the news IOTA had, the market cap should already hover around 15-30 billions. I think it is a little bit risky to play with shorts here after such a crash and devaluation.
giovannicandido Prometheus777
@Prometheus777, I agree, we need to be carefull
knowhatamine giovannicandido

Do you know what a short position is? please read up on it...
giovannicandido knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, Yes, and I'm only trading on short for now. My question was if is more suitable to go long considering that a new correction is a constant talk here on tradingview.
giovannicandido giovannicandido
@giovannicandido, And by long I mean 1 - 2 months. Because a year long, the strategy is very different, just buy when cheap and send to a secured wallet.
knowhatamine giovannicandido

the two expressions long and short do not refer to the duration your poition will be active.
knowhatamine giovannicandido

I don't quite understand. If you think the price is about to drop you should go short. In this case: Borrow BTC, sell for USDT, wait for price to drop, rebuy BTC and pay debt, keep the difference. Why would you open a long position if you expect further correction?
giovannicandido knowhatamine
@knowhatamine, Sorry for not being explicit, that is what I mean, I did no buy.
knowhatamine giovannicandido

ooooh ok. sorry if i come across as a smart ass. sadly a lot of people on this site don't seem to know the very basics of trading terminology. :D

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