GEO - In a world with $1 Billion Dollar Dreams!

BITTREX:GEOBTC   GeoCoin / Bitcoin
This should have made my list for 2018 coins to own. With a market cap of only $30 Million I believe this coin is way undervalued. In a world where coins with only a white paper are raising $30 million before having a wallet, or coins that are works in process are hitting $1 billion in market cap how is GEO with a working product, valued at only $30 Million. Geographical tracking is an space I want to be invested in. Have you seen the Verizon commercials?

The uses for a geographical coin are endless so lets go over a few.

1) Inventory and package tracking in real time
2) Advertising where restaurants and merchants can drop coins at their location providing direct marketing
3) Video games like pokeman that can be used for treasure hunts etc.
4) Proof of location
5) Prizes at events and specials

With a new website and new marketing strategy as well as a phone app (and we love our phone apps) I believe this coin is way undervalued compared to the rest of the market. Now maybe I'm missing something. I well could be. But I'm long GEO' and look for this coin to gain in market cap.

Bottom line I love working products and first to market movers. What they were missing a few months ago was marketing and a strong social presence with an outdated website. Well it looks like they picked up the slack and with a new website and active social page! I believe this coin goes higher. Seriously where coins that are still pipe dreams are garnering $2billion in market cap, there has to be room to run for GEO'! Valued at only $23 Million? I believe smart money is picking this up as the price action has been great of recent. Long term HODL for sure!

Disclosure: I'm long GEO since September as per the link below, and I have added this morning. Coins that are constantly making new highs I want to be in. I am slowly building up a longer term position. I never recommend going all in as pullbacks happen, but there is never a wrong time to own a winner.
Kommentar: I mean maybe some just can not read a chart. Regardless of the previous price move, the target was 600% higher. I even stated I am slowly adding! Its not what the equity done its what it is doing. Look at XRP for example!

Now for those like a few that want someone to have a crystal ball and give them a time and date for a breakout, there are palm readers for $5 that will provide this. However, my ball is broken but I noticed the price action and said "hey we have a breakout, its way undervalued, I'm building a position on the way up to a 500% target price" DOH!! And yet those that can not read a simple chart or read an analysis simply post "ohhh its up 100% already" DUHHHHHH and it went up another 150% from there! And there is still room to run!
Kommentar: I have added to the position here, the wave count appears pretty clear, and I like the target area. My buy was at 82391 Satoshi's, I held a little back for the lower 0.618 target level, or I will add on a breakout.
Kommentar: This is something to pay attention too. GEO ADA XLM and XRP are all selling off this morning. I have been adding. People (the herd) have a tendency during pullbacks to sell their winners and not let go of losers with the hope they recover. It's part of nature for one to sell their gains so they "feel" like they made something and hold on to losers so they do not "feel" like they lost. This is a mistake. I sell losers and add to winners. Paul Tudor Jone's quote should always be front and center (under JPM's of course) LOSERS AVERAGE LOSERS!!!!!

But the herd normally sell their winners here, and hold on to their losers. I can almost guarantee without second thought that the aforementioned coins come back with a fury!! They didn't get to the top because they are losers! I even picked up some TNT, QSP and ARN (a new coin). I wanted to own but was patient. Now I own them cheaper and they should retest their highs. This provides guidance.
Kommentar: I'm adding in small positions! I would be shaving losers off but I did that a couple weeks ago!
Kommentar: Disclosure: ARN was traded and I am out of this position completely. These are very dangerous trades and is an emotional roller-coaster which makes good for day trading.
Kommentar: Looking to see if we consolidate here before moving higher.
Kommentar: Let me clarify! I sold ARN NOT GEO!!! I mentioned I bought ARN and I was disclosing that I sold it. ARN was a trade that paid off nicely but it seems a little shady to me was up 350% so I took my money and ran.

GEO is consolidating nicely and I want to buy the breakout, but patience is a MUST! I have traded GEO but I now own more shares then before.
Kommentar: The green box 2 charts above held, which was the 0.618 retracement and we have rebounded nicely. I'm looking to add on a pullback with a stop loss where the red line is. breaks the red line I will look to add lower as the market is correcting. But here are my short term targets. Nothing has changed. If you panic without recognizing where the levels of retracement are you will likely sell right at the bottom. I had it clearly marked above in the green box. If that level did not hold (and I don't mean the spike through which is why you should not use stops) then we have to exist, reassess at that point.
Please update Geo
an update ?
Always interested in his futur ?
seems to be moving.
Would love an update on GEO Goldbug!
Please make a update for geo

Thanks Roger
Update ?
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Market opened on Bittrex !
I agree...ADX is a cool concept, but you have to look at total market Cap. For it to go 100X its value would be $10Billion. Is it possible, sure, but a lot more cash has to come into the equation than with Geo with so few coins. Small coin count if the key.

All you have to do is look at ZCL to wonder if coins with small coin count like GEO can moon to $100-$200 price in a month. It's very possible as the Market Capitalization will still be relatively low ($300Mil) compared to many projects that don't even have a working product.

I'm buying all I can under $5 and HODLing to $200 where I'll sell off 20% guaranteeing a big winner. I can easily see this at $500+ in the next 2-3yrs, that's 100X boys! (500 Dollar Bills for sale for $5 now, how many do you wanna buy?)
did you buy more at this price?
any update?
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