Ethereum is now definitely DEAD...Several Analysis Confirms!

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / Dollar
Back when Bitcoin was around 4900, Ethereum was 390+... Ethereum has lost its value, it has no future...proponents of Ethereum alliance like JP Morgan already see the demise of this coin. The China ban on ICO's is also a catalyst to the inevitable failure of Ethereum and the recent hack....the coin's value dropping from $300 to 10 cents in a matter of seconds and a plethora of other factors make this a dead coin and something no rational person would consider a long term investment.

I'm also reading posts/comments from 'TOP' writers on this like 'goldbug1'. Their analysis is just like mine.

sycorax 16 hours ago
... Long term my personal feeling rather bearish for ETH.

As all of this ICO BS is based on ETH ... i'm staying personally far away from ETH. I think most of us agree there is an ICO bubble right now ... if this one pops .. I think ETH will be the first one to follow. Just my 2 cents ...

goldbug1 TOP 16 hours ago
@sycorax, Agree I'm very cautious on what I am buying here!

It's definitely breaking down as explained by another analysis seen below. Don't be the one who later regrets investing in a dead coin like this or worse it would cause you HUGE loss later, especially when investing in Bitcoin is clearly the best choice right now.
Trade ist aktiv: Ethereum alive now.
Kommentar: But will eventually fail
Kommentar: You will see it rise a bit and come down - just watch.
Great analysis from your personal belief! After I saw this and used TA to determine what is Actually possible, I bought more! Now I’m up 10% in ETH, thanks so much!...
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@J_bank, You're welcome. Smart move, unlike the fools who spent time arguing here instead of buying more.
So your bigoted, speculative analysis is now officially dead. Thx.
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Bigby brighterMatter
@brighterMatter, lol definitely dead, officially confirmed by 1000 analyses
@Bigby, Alive now, but made about $6000 after revival.
burdoch197 brighterMatter
@brighterMatter, Nah, I made thousands of dollars from it.
Dead indeed, just up 7%.
Maybe make a new post and start over :)
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burdoch197 vampyren
@vampyren, Didn't have time to make a new post....I was busy accumulating coins & selling to get a $6000+ profit. Hope you enjoyed wasting your time here.
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burdoch197 burdoch197
@burdoch197, You don't make profit unless you convert into FIAT and withdraw, which I did...so was a little busy. Now onto the next coin...will make a new post of course.
vampyren burdoch197
@burdoch197, Like i said, scam news.
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