Ethereum Classic The Sleeping King Part II

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Ethereum Classic The Sleeping King Part II
Now Etc Start his movement finally, all coins gained profit Except Ethereum             Classic, at last crash of the market at last year all coins dropped fast Except Ethereum             Classic was stable for a while "check chart"

Now all coins gained many profit and recovery now etc start move and say hello

We have active trade from $10.30 also all updates for ETC in profit

and our long signal from 0.0013 still active and move in profit

This is an update for ETC with New chart, New targets.

As we see ETC pass his last summit at $36/$43

So what the next

New Targets

$68.60 (0.236)

$110.40 (0.382)

$144.20 (0.50)

$177.99 (0.618

$226.11 (0.786)

$287.39 (1.00)

How it work?

Very Simple rule " every level price pass it and close the next level will be the target.

Is Etc still available to buy?

Yes if you are short term or long term yes ETC still available to buy Your targets $68.60 (0.236) in the first place.
also, we advise since months for hold etc As an investment.

Set your own risk.
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.

Previous analyses

Active analyses



Kommentar: Classic fail to pass this weekly resistance as long we still hold
as short-term expect bounced to $36/30 as first
our max level for this Part II is $20 as a max dip
and $64 /$68 as targets
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.

Kommentar: As we mentioned at last update about etc dip we etc show bounced from $21 max level we say for this dip is $20 1 usd not too much etc back right now to $30 and calm for last days good sign for growing up again and see green movement
we still active from $10 main call vs usdt
0.0013 vs btc
you don`t need to worry about etc if we still above $20 nothing to worry about it

$68.60 (0.236)

$110.40 (0.382)

$144.20 (0.50)

$177.99 (0.618

$226.11 (0.786)

$287.39 (1.00)
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
Kommentar: ETC back to Edge we say the max dip of this cycle is $20 ETC still safe and bullish if we still above $20 but what happens if ETC pass $20
next stop will be $16/14
so be sure you have free capital to get some etc from this dip
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.

Trade ist aktiv: etc reach our mentioned lower level trade active at $15.20
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
Kommentar: Performance is bad from ETC
Even with those compelling news to make people buy
But for other currencies, the performance of the ETC is relatively good.
as we see from our sec buy etc moved and gained about 150%
but etc fail again to pass $42/48 this try was number three to Breakthrough this resistance
we saw etc bounced to $30/31 here was a good support to make price calm and stable
also, we have Airdrop next Mar maybe this make people thinking again to pick up etc and get free coins

current movement still good Relative to the overall performance of the market
Etc back above $36 we still here breakdown we will see $30 again
continue his movement we will See $42 pass it targets
will be $48/53/69

we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
Kommentar: for active signals from $ $10.30 and $15.20
move Stop-loss " hold profit " to $22
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
full free to sell 50 % from your calls at current price $30.80
Kommentar: after the airdrop like before airdrop normal movement, not P&D happened this is good
right now ETC on the way to his support at $21/22 close under it daily we will see $15 again bounced this will be good to retest $31 once again
active signals from $10.30 and $15.20 we recommend at last update for set stop-loss at $22 free to wait for price reaction or follow stop loss
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
Trade ist aktiv: if you follow the last update you should have etc from $15.20
if you didn`t free to buy from $19 target $24 $29
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.

Trade ist aktiv: Trade still active and free to buy ETC
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
target $24 $29
Kommentar: ETC Move in profit about 40%
your Targets
we ask Allah reconcile and repay.
Maybe helpful... :-)

+1 Antworten
HamadaMark btcinvests
surely @btcinvests, you are a good guy
btcinvests HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, thx. you too. :-)
As always thank you for your great analyses, I enjoyed reading it.
Glad youre back bro. Been holding and accumulating since early janruary.
any updates?
Ryosaeba6 abdodarwish845
@abdodarwish845, just look higher bro ;-)
+1 Antworten
It's going down bad move
+1 Antworten
HamadaMark ja.piotr.bor
@ja.piotr.bor, $14.60/$10 this is huge demand area if pass we can say yes all go down bad not etc only
ja.piotr.bor HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, yeah but BTC is going 5K slight rebound and down, and probably it won't end until 1-2K, it's a really big drama for crypto markets.
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