BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
Testing strong resistance!

Will most likely break through and then move on up to new highs.

Market cycle completed a couple of weeks ago and now strong moves are being made by some big players.

This is a longterm hold, as fundamentals are great. Very fast and cheap transaction speed.


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He teaches about cryptocurrency without actually accepting cryptocurrency as a payment?

Wait what?
Thanks for sharing. I bought in at $0.025... holding till $1, then I'll take a little, teeny bite of profits and HODL for the longterm.
cryptocents JonnieGopher
@JonnieGopher, USD amount does not matter, the amount in satoshi is what is important. When BTC goes up the alts USD amount goes with it. The traded satoshi price is what to pay attention too!
I see dgb go to 1-5 dollars this quarter, longterm 10, what are your expectations?
@JonaM13, If DGB goes to $5 this quarter, I'll be sitting pretty. I mean... that is insane growth! Let's hope! Fingers crossed...
justery JonaM13
@JonaM13, based on what?