CVCBTC - BITTREX: The Purpose of this Publication is to...

BITTREX:CVCBTC   Civic / Bitcoin
...allow others to see What I do with coins using Wyckoff Schematics in conjunction with indicators [Godmode/LSMA (merged), for those who use it in conjunction with Stochastic RSI as an additional indicator for additional information].

Normally, Wyckoff Schematics should be used with 7-Day TF (Each candle is a period of 7-Days) or higher. However, that is not always possible in crypto. Especially, if there is a new coin available for trade, such as CIVIC.

I initially created a publication for CIVIC using Poloniex Exchange. However, it did NOT have as much HISTORY as BITTREX exchange. This is WHY I'm now creating a publication using BITTREX exchange.

Here is the previous publication using Poloniex Exchange. I was spot on in regard to where I believe we were located in the Wyckoff Schematic. However, I was a little early in my TA in regards to saying we were about to go down to TEST SUPPORT. We are currently coming down now to TEST SUPPORT and potentially create our SECOND SUPPORT LINE then come up to fall within a trading range for an accumulation phase. Keep in mind THIS publication was created from an exchange with LESS HISTORY than this current publication:

Here is an image of the Wyckoff Schematic I was using:

Here is a link to find the chronology or sequence of events that will possibly occur within the schematic: Accumulation Schematic #2 in this link to "Basic" teachings of Wyckoff Methods: It's important to read at least the Phases involved with THIS PARTICULAR SCHEMATIC to gain understanding of what to expect.

You can see the placement of my two RESISTANCE LINES up top in red . We currently have ONE SUPPORT LINE in green at the bottom. A SECOND SUPPORT LINE may potentially be created once our price action has found bottom in our current move to the downside.

More charts will follow to include Text Bubbles for Wyckoff Schematic. THEN I will add indicators after the Wycoff portion of the chart is completed. Also, I had a request to do an ETCUSD publication. I will do this one request for that particular pair and update my other alt-coin publications that are for pairs traded in US dollars. THEN I must get back to my mining room to complete it.
Kommentar: I made a correction by moving the vertical time line separating Phase A and B to the right to show our current move down as a Second Test TO BE WITHIN PHASE A. However, I wish to point out this is not necessarily the case 100% of the time. At least not a 2nd test all the way down to or near the Support line.

Kommentar: Because of very LITTLE history, you can see not much information can be gathered from the 7-Day TF IN REGARDS TO INDICATORS:

7-Day TF:

4-Day TF:

Posting a 2-Day chart shortly. Gotta piss and get some coffee.
Kommentar: 2-Day TF:

Kommentar: 1440m (1-Day) TF:

Kommentar: I'm going to take about a 15 to 30 minute break then get to creating a publication for ETCUSD Poloniex. brb
Kommentar: One might ignore CIVIC if they want to. That's fine. However, I believe it has potential. Not only as a viable coin with utility but also as a viable means to make profits in trading. I'm simply updating the progress of this coin in order for those who follow to potentially make proper entry at or near the bottom and increase their USD capital in their crypto portfolio.
Kommentar: Check this out:
Kommentar: A look at the indicators in the 2-Day TF for CIVIC. This one will be one to buy before much longer.

Kommentar: A friendly reminder that CIVIC / BITCOIN may be going upside here fairly soon:

360m AND 720m:

The 1440m (Daily) and 2-Day TF's show the POSSIBILITY of still more downside pressure; and therefore, the possibility of going a little lower before going upside. I'm saying this mainly because the Stochastic RSI and Phoenix ARI on the Daily (1440m) and the 2-Day TF's have more room for downside pressure before bottoming out and moving upside.
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