Trading psychology - The key to success !!

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In this post, I'm going to focus on one of the most unpopular but most important topics of all.

The central issue in retail are feelings, especially fears. Anyone who wants to survive in retail in the long term needs mental knowledge and has to work hard on oneself all the time.

The beginner neglects topics such as risk management, money management, position sizes mostly completely. This leads to the fact that he becomes insecure with every small movement. He is constantly afraid of not getting straight. Anyone who is in this emotional kaos, it is very difficult to achieve long-term profits.

That is the main reason why most of them fail at trading. They trade emotions, not setups. All these useful tools are of little help if you are not able to use them with discipline. And only those who have their emotions under control will also rule the trade. Traders do not fail because of the system, they fail because of the implementation. Many studies have proven that.

Do you know the advertisement. a good-looking guy, a hot blonde in the passenger seat of his lambos ... takes his cell phone out of his pocket, quickly places a buy order while driving, and 2 traffic lights further he has earned 3k..don't fall for such is hard work !

I burned my portfolio 3 times before I got confused with my personal psychological problems.

Already heard of the 90-90 90 rule: 90% of all traders lose 90 % of their portfolio in the first 90 days.

Your spot on, the only way to succeed is hard work and control those emotions. Trade the chart not your heart. Safe trading everyone.

First ask yourself frafe aller: Why do I trade, what do I want to achieve? The answer determines whether you want to trade as a game, as a hobby or as a business!

The second important question is what psychological type are you

Brain stem-oriented person:

-avoid arguments
- inflexible
- strong need for security
- are routine tasks

This guy acts stomach-oriented, listens to others and avoids change - own trading style difficult to achieve

diencephalic oriented person:

- dominant character

- gets straight to the point

- can admit mistakes

-acts impulsively

-acts flexibly

This type is quite suitable for scalps and daytrades - but you have to be careful not to over-trade

strives for a safe distance

-is a lone wolf

-has little relation to his feelings

-rational process-oriented

- he keeps calm in the chaos

This type has very good trading requirements, emotions on the interpersonal level will also be reflected in trading. Stop out-never mind. This type will certainly find its strengths in system.swing and position trading.

All professionals went through hell in the first few years. Why should it be any other way for you?
Are you ready to lose money in order to increase your portfolio much later in the long term?
Are you ready to take many years of time for success?



if you want to become a good trader you should constantly work on further development. external coaching and self-coaching are the solution. every professional, no matter in which area they need help, just pay attention to the fact that they are not of the beginners in their suits reinfallen can be found on countless youtube channels. it cost me months, if not a year.


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and I will expand this important topic into countless numbers
Kommentar: The problem NR1. Fear (FOMO)

Fear of loss
Fear of a lack of discipline
Fear of being stopped out
Fear of letting go wins
Afraid of missing entrances
Realizing fear of loss

One of the most negative feelings a person has about losing a loved one, losing their job, losing their place of residence. Is this the same feeling as the fears listed above?
The answer is YES !!
This feeling causes behavior that leads to unsuccessful behavior. Even if trading is not related to the above examples, our subconscious cannot distinguish it.

I will go into how you can learn to minimize these strong emotions later
Kommentar: new post
Kommentar: Understanding of the market,Money management and Setups,kann man Probably learn in 1 to 2 years !

Constant review of trading and Actively work on your personality, Takes a lot longer and is much more strenuous !

Believe in it and work on your personality with the power of the inner images !!

Humans have stored a lot of inner images and the associated emotions in their brains. Inner images are ideas that determine how we think, feel and act.
If an inner picture agrees with our convictions, it develops strength and effect. We use these pictures for our ideas and visions. It is ideal for controlling fear, building self-confidence and making decisions This ability can be very helpful in achieving certain behavioral whiteness in trading.
Kommentar: come up with positive short sentences (mantras) that motivate you, that contain your goals, that emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
Kommentar: As one candle follows another, I follow my trading plan.
I trade what I see, not what I think.
I am self-confident, trade according to my TA, not the one of the others.
I let profits run, stop losses.
I recognize economic relationships.

Retreat once a day, take 10-15 minutes of your time, close your eyes and watch your breathing until your heart rate drops, your breathing slows down and you feel really good. Start the internalized mantras Open up and stay focused, and keep repeating. That may take some practice, but believe me it will get better and more intense, at some point you will no longer need your own room and can incorporate your mindsetting into everyday life again and again .
I have did not believe in it and thought it was too spiritual, but now I am fully convinced of this self-coaching and incorporate it into my trading twice a day, it changes a lot .
And helps you to strengthen your trading mentality !!
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Kommentar: Interresting Fear and greed index indicator

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You're awesome bro! I was actually just working on this right before I messaged you but you really broke it down. I was watching my account drop and had the urge to panic sell but after looking at the charts top down I realized that I would've sold right when I should've been buying to either mitigate losses or acquire a better position. Unfortunately I didn't have the capital to use that strategy.

Panic sellers and emotional traders put their mind in a state of fear and not only does fear cut your connection to the super consciousness but you just never make the right decisions when you're fearful. Stay calm. Analyze. Plan. Act. Have faith. Trust yourself. Whenever doubtful, take a break. If you're not gambling and if you're working on your psychology then you will be a profitable trader.

Full disclosure, I'm a Novus; Trading since February and I've learned quite a bit since then, with a little help from some good people such as @TR7z
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TR7z QryptoQOperator
@QryptoQOperator, thank you, I'm very happy. I couldn't have put it better myself. I have the feeling that you will find your way around quickly. You have the intelligence, the perseverance, and work on yourself, you will rock it
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Agree. This is very very important thing to trade. Thanks for sharing your trade tips.
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TR7z jaejaljaejal
@jaejaljaejal, thanks, I like to do that
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really great analysis, I do believe ones emotion really relates t👉👉o success or failure in trading, and hey I'm in the top ten percent of beginner 💤traders only lost 89%, let's go!!! 🤘
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TR7z kryptikkryptokeeper
@kryptikkryptokeeper, thanks bro, cool if you can take it easy. stay tuned !