Full Wave Count on BITCOIN (AKA BTC 100k in 2018)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Firstly I should say that Bitcoin is on a major bull run as we all know! Many people have been trying to "CALL TOPS" and find the "END" to all of this (LOL)

When we study the Elliott wave cycle and think in terms of continuation we start to get a bigger picture of whats really going on and you start to care much less about the "MINI corrections" (Corrections are small in Crypto compared to the bull runs )

So when I count my waves on bitcoin I see we are having a impulsive three wave to 30,000$ (maybe closer to 50k at top of 3 wave) then we should experience a correction sometime in march or April ( ABC ON THE 3 wave making the 4 preparing for the 5 )

Once that correction is over in the spring we will see a impulsive 5 wave! & in my opinion this is where we will see the general public PANIC BUYING bitcoin all the way to 100,000$ per coin & this is when I will be selling lots of my bitcoins (let the cycle ride out then buy the panic on the ABC )

People in the Crypto space need to learn how to ZOOM OUT on charts and see the big picture!! why? BUYING THE DIP is the only way to get a good risk to reward ratio!!!!

I know it sounds crazy to think we would be trillions in market cap at the point but that's just the way HYPE cycles work .

also stocks are bullish Crypto is bullish oil is bullish commodities are bullish pretty much everything but FIAT currency will increase in value >

IMO this is mainly because of inflation , fractional reserve banking , and the fact that the world economy in blowing up right now as tech develops at a increasingly quicker rate

----Technical aspects of this move

RSI oversold

MACD oversold and crossing (multiple time frames)

Elliott wave ABC correction

inverse H+S on the hourly

signs of a bigger H+S forming on the 12h time frame

Also this correction looks identical to the bitfinex fud correction we saw in 2016 (same fractal ) &
We saw 10x shortly after that correction


Been posting world market predictions (LMK if you want me to keep them coming)

I have been in crypto since early 2015 (starting buying BTC at about 180$ near its bottom of the 2009 - 2015 MARKET CYCLE) and stared trading on Poloniex in late 2015 when we had around a 8B dollar mcap
and I couldn't be more blessed to be in this community today!!! Crypto people are very loving, understanding, intelligent, and fair
its super rare to find people like that.. but in the Crypto space majority are people are genuine & good.
(another reason everything will keep mooning we have a super strong community that is super passionate about the success of cryptocurrecy and blockchain technology to make this world a better place )

Love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions in the comments!! and stay profitable :) <3

(Also s/o to making me top trader the other day on trading view again that means a lot to me!)

HIGHALTITUDEINVESTING LLC 2018 -- Search "highaltitudeinvesting" on Youtube to watch my tutorial videos and weekly live-streams about Crypto trading
Kommentar: The big cycle
Kommentar: 45M (hourly inverse h+s)
Kommentar: MACD on 3H
MACD on 6H
MACD on 12H
Kommentar: Potential H+S on the 12H
Trade ist aktiv: Enjoy the updates :)
Kommentar: Oh yeah one last thing :) bullish divergence as well
Kommentar: ALT count is one more low to 8K

(less likely scenario but be aware that anything is possible markets are super bullish you should be thinking like a buyer)
Kommentar: (short term target) Bitcoin breaking bullish as planned & here's our short term targets and movement for any day traders!
Kommentar: update :)
Kommentar: Don't sell if we tap 8500$ because we are very oversold right now (ALL PANIC WILL REBOUND WITH BULLISH MOVEMENT)
Kommentar: also watching this bull flag closely
Well, that was obviously wrong - at least in the short term. I think the move up to 20k was #1, the move down to 6k was #2 and the current move is potentially #3.
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When mooning sir?
+2 Antworten
Hey there ! Id love to see more ta on other wordly currencies and such, can one be done on humans and their behavior? Keep up the good work and we will meet one day. Good night. PS not a creepy stalker comment...
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Hoping for a last dip before moon , i wanna buy all the coins on sale xD
hope we break it :D HODL
whats happend before its just black hole or what?how did you came to this counting?just draw it from nowhere becouse its looking nice? :D is it still 3rd wave of C leg in ABC or is it 5th wave or what.I am lost in your update
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@Senecko, I am lost too after his last update. Not clear at all!
@Senecko, HODL
Oyeludef Senecko
@Senecko, he is not ready to admit he was wrong from the beginning so he just needs to keep playing with charts and giving himself and his subscribers some hope..
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