Accurate predictions for past 2 days - BTC to $8850-9450 next

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My predictions since I started posting here have been very accurate for the most part.

The most important call, likely being this one:

I called the MAX bottom range of $5750-6350 USD a day in advance, during heavy downward movement. BTC's price rebounded on point.

As seen in that same thread, my price predictions up to this point, for the rapid minutely and hourly swings, have been pretty correct.

I'm looking for us to reach $9000 USD per BTC within today.

We could see downward action after that.
Kommentar: $8850 - $9450

Kommentar: 8245,


Kommentar: Retraced Deeper into the 38.2 Fib level.
Still currently aiming for 9000, but it could take longer that previously plotted. Maybe past midnight.

Kommentar: Both 1-2 of my Waves fell to the same 23.6 Fib level.
We need heavy Buy volume at this point, as seen at the first 1-2 wave,
otherwise expect downward action.

Kommentar: Currently looking at 8670 range.

Kommentar: ^ IF we don't break out of channel.
Kommentar: Still observing.

Kommentar: Volume is very weak at the moment.
Kommentar: Still looking out for a rebound, it may be sharp.
Kommentar: Currenly aiming for $8610.

Kommentar: Price still following my last trajectory.

Kommentar: Still on course with my trajectory,

however, please feel free to take profits at this point (Sell) as volume isn't very strong, and break out to the side is possible.

Kommentar: BTC Market is becoming bearish at the moment, and we did break out of my wave pattern, so again, feel free to exit BTC at this point.

I sold some at my last comment, at around $8100.
Bought and sold during the swings, and should be looking to make an exit some time soon (not just yet).

Overall it was a very good run up today, and we reached a peak near $8500.
Most should be able to take away good profits at this point.

Kommentar: Still taking more profits at the moment, playing the swings.
Kommentar: But no indication of any strong Bullish push to come at this point.

Placing stop losses if you're away from your device for some hours may be a good idea.

Kommentar: Some very nice buy volume just came in.
Kommentar: I see that my target was met.

I called 20 hours ago, Bitcoin price to hit $8670.
Adjusted target to $8610 16 hours ago (because of low volume and bearish conditions).
We hit right in the middle at $8648.

I hope you guys made some good profit like I did. :)

I did sell some BTC at $8100 and along the way up, but always bought back in lower on the swings, for more profit.

Continued holding and we reached the target.

please keep your setup updated bro ! what's your say on the current bears ?

fall further ?
Hey, yes it does.

As I mentioned in the last comment:
"however, please feel free to take profits at this point (Sell) as volume isn't very strong, and break out to the side is possible."

It did break out to the side, and looks bearish at the moment.

I sold out some at 8100.
Bought and sold some more during the waves.

I'll be looking to make an exit soon, but not quite yet.

We had a good run up today either way.
Peaked to around 8500.
Hey boss, let me know your thoughts...... it looks bearish at the moment.
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