"Bitcoin died!!!!"

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Bat wings are closing, let's see if this holds. Fundamentally, the bad news have been dropped fully so we'll have to monitor further whether this is a perfect entry or not. For proof whether this has been shared before, I'll show some old links with this chart here to proof that the prediction was done days before this chart's 'bottom'

09 Jan '17

Let's see how this goes mates.

As seen from the price ranges charted above, we can see that there is a possibility of an 8k test. But bear in mind that the current bear div has been ongoing for quite abit and we should see some pull back here before another round so please expect it sooner than later. If it doesn't attempt any further retracement from this range, we have to expect the worst which is a real flat bed right after this horrendous 'dump' before going back to 'median'. Or else, it'll be a retracement up for 20% before we see the attempt to 7-8k range. Once we head down there, it's a big door to re-entry.
Kommentar: Two important ranges for further breakdown.

Just for you guys to note
Kommentar: Retracement time =)

Blue range for short re-entry if it doesn't have signs to break up further
Trade ist aktiv: Weak Bears, let's go
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Waiting to see if we'll have the round 2 as predicted here

We cannot afford to see another big red dong lol

Big ding dong last one

3 drives broken, retesting local top at 11.8 for daily.

11.4k to ding dong down, 12k test to ding ding up
Kommentar: Ding dong, as expected, wave no. 2.

Awaiting for fill number 2.
Trade ist aktiv: Actual bottom target hitting, let's start.

7.9k to fill.
Further entry at dark red
Kommentar: voila bounce
Kommentar: Please standby for decision making by the whales, i hope you whales get beached
Kommentar: Bug: Oops, just realized the original comment was 9 Jan '17. Sorry its '18.

Entry point is here. Don't buy below 7.3 and don't hold below 3.2% loss.
Kommentar: We should expect a pullback soon. Any buys here unleveraged would be good for RSI fightbacks. Sell at the fightback's weaknesses. We'll find the ultimately bottom sooner or later
Kommentar: Almost there.
Kommentar: Still on, every dip is a good one.
Kommentar: You can buy more here
Keep up the good work bro
nixholas Skinwah
@Skinwah, ye boi lets continue hustling
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