Sit tight, rocket going to take off.......

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There were 3 nice support points at the 50% FIB Level. Wait for the breakout of this channel, retrace and buy. I expect it to take off soon
Kommentar: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-0...

I sometimes wonder if all these regulators are creating a smoke screen to prevent the retail investors/speculators from getting deeper into the game for fear of losing control. They have to be seen doing what a "government" is supposed to do.

The question is is this a passing fad or is this a trend to stay? On hindsight after several years, those who bought high and sold higher have a story to tell. Those who bought at the low and hang on to it also have a story to tell. And if indeed the bubbles do pop, those who sits on the side fence would be jeering at those who got burned and say things like "What did I tell you?"

No matter what your position is, ensure you know what you are in for even if you follow whichever author or totally bought into the story of cryptocurrency and believe it is here to stay for the long haul.

Always ask yourself - is your financial position now allows you to take on more risks than you should? If yes, are you over leveraging?

How much time are you spending on trading/speculating this coin? Does it overshadow your personal life, family time, sports, relationship with loved ones,etc?

Being obsessed is one thing and blindly following is another, though the line is blur.
It is often when the smog is clear that one realised the train has passed them by and they are still where they are.

Have a balance, everyone !

All the best to your trading!
Kommentar: thank you mr market.
Kommentar: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-0...

So Paypal founder, Mr Peter Thiel is behind the up surge ?
Kommentar: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-0...

It was Australia a few days ago that ban cryptocurrency , now China? Who's next in line ?
Kommentar: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-1...

Imagine if you are a real estate/property agent as it is commonly called here in Singapore, the market may not be too favourable to you depending if you are serving buyers/sellers. But now that sellers can use bitcoin instead of currencies to transact their house is a big disruption.

This is an opportunity for those making millions in cryptocurrencies and want to diversify into real assets like properties for diversification. Naturally, they would want to fund in cryptocurrencies. Will SG property market be open to using bitcoin to transact ?
Kommentar: 80% of all targets hit. Did you catch it ? Congrats!!!
If you missed it , don' worry, do not chase the high price. It will retrace, be patient . go take a break, exercise, watch a movie , read a book and come back. The Market is always there. No need to fear missing out or conform to social pressure when people asked :" So, did you make profits today from bitcoin?" Just say no, it is OK, is cool and acceptable. No need to get "likes" in order to be accepted.

Run your own pace, no need to compare with others, that way , you feel more balanced. Some are faster, better, be happy for them. No need to get jealous or worse, wanting to take revenge and sabotage yourself. The time will come, just wait for it.

2018 is a breakthrough year for everybody. Cheers !
Kommentar: Jan 2 enter at 13655
Jan 5 price at 15899
3 days Profit- 17.70%

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@TStolpe29, Thank you for your comments. Hope you profit too.
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