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BTC having a hard time staying in a ascending game and has bounced back down from the old descending trend. Rarely to see, I has created 2 "Diamonds" that are not common in a descending trend. BTC has not have any signs of consolidation which gives the idea that the downfall is not over yet. If BTC gets caught inside the FIB Time Zone 3-5 then we will probably see a fall back to the 9k leves. We will find that out in a couple of days.

Good luck and don't forget to take profits.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to give any financial advice but to offer an educated opinion.
Kommentar: BTC heading down again as it broke the latest support trend. Update will come soon.
Kommentar: Don’t miss the opportunity to get btc cheap. First entry 9k - 9.5k. Possible entries 7k - 8k.
Kommentar: As of now, I am bringing back the idea of a $5500 BTC price. I know it sounds crazy but when BTC was 16k I said it would go down to 9K and it was crazy then too. :)

Save your money and ladder buy in the dip. Enjoy.
Kommentar: BTC hit the 200 MA and had a very expected reaction in the positive. Although I am still a little concerned about the reaction it will have when it hits the $9500 resistance. I am hoping to sell at $10100 or hold it if indicators show some consistency. My entry price was $8100. Enjoy the ride
Kommentar: bears are fighting hard. I think the end of the correction is near but lets first buy the dip guys.

And I sub 4K - similar to 2014
You also said long to 13k and we”re at 8.5k. ;-)
And that’s all cool.
To be a savant tho - because you do issue a lot of flip flopping posts - that make your ideas a lot less tradeable and frankly confusing.

Question is which will we see first circa 10k or your 5.5k. Or do you think we go down in one go now?
I go for the former. Tho not sure we even get to 10l. But whatever was support is now resistance.
And to be fair Ari Paul said long ago 2018 would be the year we see both 3k and 30k. I’m with him.
To summarise. Can you make a tradeable call?
For educational purposes only ofc.
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ChartsOnTime therandomwalk
@therandomwalk, you sound like a bitter someone I know lol. It’s cool bro some are better than others lol. I’m not a financial advisor but I am a Bussinesman so I know what could get me in trouble and what can’t. If you understand FIB time zones you would see my chart and understand. Ultimately, I am making my own calls and to be honest I put money aside since January 4th I think when I posted my first chart about btc going to 9k, people like you laughed and here we are going deeper. Show me your work and I will respect it, till then just watch and learn from the best. Glad you stopped by, just come back under the name I know you have. Lol. Stop the psychoanalysis hahah
therandomwalk ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, We have never met or know each other i assure you. I became interested by your charts and interested to see how someone could make those ancient Tom Demark indicators work.

Bitter erm maybe I was last Tuesday. i was so impressed - with the certainty it imposed so i followed your call for 13k by closing my short and going long. Anyways i got back to short soon enough, which i've just closed noting your wedge chart. Maybe too early But - we've got to be due a breather in the next hundreds of points back upto the resistance (which was support) and i dont want to be trampled in the buyback, and low vol into the weekend. hopefully i can short again higher up.

My work, not that i have to provide it because I'm not the one publishing (and so seeking comment), is the age old crash pattern. i look for exhaustion from Elliot (ie in the majors and then the secondaries) and then the pattern. Look at nasdaq 00, we are at about Dec on a 4H BTC chart. look at BTC 2013/14. same. ETH is puzzling I thought it was Aug but maybe Oct - depends where it rallies to next.
Issue, and why i look to posts is an early reversal from the predicated 80% fall. Think HSI 1994. But also BTC rallies can be vicious, they hurt but could also be profitable.

Your calls/ education for me as I say is a bit too vague and flippy floppy. last week it was 13k, was it then 9k then 15k now 5k - all in a week. I get one has to react to changes in the market - but err. you post in Spanish too right. i think you are/ were long on that chart

As I say Im not meaning to upset you - Im just asking for some more clarity. Entry, SL, TP. You know the usual stuff that someone can be assessed by, else calling such ranges you are bound to be right, but it wont have been profitable for you or anyone else. and then whats the point.
if its to educate duffers like me then i really appreciate it, but for feedback i would like a bit more clarity please.

Again I hope I haven't offended you, and no we dont know each other and I'm not trying to psych you out. I'm sure you have something very interesting to say - I just dont think I'm getting it and would like to.

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ChartsOnTime therandomwalk
@therandomwalk, look through my charts and tell me if they don’t say wait for confirmation. Most of them indicate very well supports and resistance. I don’t have any interest in posting my charts nor I have to. I truly believe in my work because I do invest based on it. I was really expecting to go up to 13k before dipping to $5500 because that is just how things normally work. Unfortunately btc is a different kind of monsters. Because I believe in my work I entered btc at $10500 hoping to sell it at 13k and I’m still holding. I have a business I have to run and this is for fun although I make money. I am not selling dreams here. I don’t see in charts what I want to see but what they tell me. Most post what they want and not what they see. Finally, last week I gave 4 coins that hit targets. Again, look around and see where the top TAs are and if they are posting any charts. I’m one of the few stupid out here giving predictions in a red market. Lol. That is how confident I am.

As for your request, my charts give you entry and targets. They basically tell you, enter only if this or that happens.

I have a group where I interact with people and they know my trading strategy. This charts stuff has been nothing but a headache with people laughing at me. I told people BTC will hit 9k when it was 14-15k and I got nothing by haters. I said I will hit 5.5k and same happened.

And for all that: my charts are to give and educated opinion. Lol

You didn’t upset me, I just thought you were someone who is obsessed with me and always looking to make me feel less.

I’m not the one who usually updates charts till the cycle is completed but the constant request of updates has made me trip more than once.

Thanks for your clarification. Join my telegram group before link is gone. I’m not paying for pro membership lol :)

therandomwalk ChartsOnTime
@ChartsOnTime, Thanks for the detailed reply - and glad we are cool
I do like your charts, I dont know at all how they work - would love to learn
They seem to show the rhythm quite well just not the telemetry
how do I join your telegram group? I'm not paying either lol
Some of the calls out there......

Seems like we are both in agreement really - market hasnt bottomed yet
But we're both in the same boat of trying to be a bit too clever and trying to finesse moves, which for me at least costs profit
Woah - here comes the charge, maybe it gets you out of trouble on your long
Good luck
ChartsOnTime therandomwalk
@therandomwalk, telegram group is in my profile signature. I can’t post links here because they will block my chart lol. I leaned the lesson
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