ADA Cardano - My asymmetric 10x investment

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
Hi guys, I'm sharing one of my "wilder" crypto investment - ADA             Cardano.

ADA             is a new coin. Looking at the chart, there is nothing much to see there. Only a few weeks of trading time.
1 billion USD market cap, 25 billions ADA             circulating supply. ADA             is already top 15 coin in marketcap.

Cardano is a new blockchain concept, created by an ex Ethereum             co-founder, Charles Hoskinson and a professional team from the Cardano Foundation.
You can read all about it and DYOR on their website cardanohub. org             .

I'm am convinced that ADA             can become a serious player in this market. Especially if they deliver their roadmap on time.

Just one news to show ADA             already used in the real world is that a "Barcelona Based Hotel Begins to Accept Cardano As a Method of Payment" (you can find the article on google             ).
I'm keeping the fundamentals at this level, as said, it's early and you can do your own research on it to be convinced or not.

Looking at the chart, there is nothing much there, only a few weeks of active trading. You can trade this on Bittrex.
I would say that is a starting uptrend, and I see accumulation.

Something is definitely cooking with this coin. There are high chances a big rally can start soon, where the price can be taken 10x or more up.
To note that the current price is below the ICO             price.
I do have a small position in ADA             and I accumulate myself more. I might be wrong, but if not, I'm looking at an asymmetric risk/reward ratio, which means "very low risk, very high rewards".
Who invested in NEO when it was 15 cents know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm stoping here. Thanks and DYOR!
Man this is so far the best investment I made. Got in at 4 cents and triple my investment. Thanks for the heads up.
TheBigNova josemarte24
@josemarte24, great, happy to hear! so you went in when you saw this article or before that?
ADABTC update here:
and you hit the target the graphic too, unintentionally heheheheheh
TheBigNova EduardoCantelli
@EduardoCantelli, :) well I hope it's just the start!
What happened today? The market cap of Cardano went up 200 Million USD?
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TheBigNova Andross01
@Andross01, roadmap milestone update expected soon. curious...
Al_WaySlate TheBigNova
@TheBigNova, +1 more day if I remember correctly, there is a timer on their site
Very very very very good

I had not yet studied this. I already bought it for 3 years. lol
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