1st-BTC (Q1 2018 372% gain in 2 months)

BITTREX:1STBTC   FirstBlood / Bitcoin
1st Blood:
Market cap: $46,843,892 USD
Max supply vs scurrent: 93,468,691 1ST (85,558,371 1ST)

1st Blood has just released update on what they have up their sleeves for year 2018. Entering the south Asia market may bring 1st to additional wanted exposure to the one of the biggest gaming markets.

Current state of BTC (2.2.2018): BTC in major correction disrupting movement of atls .

TA (1st) - Possible CUP with handle or even Elliot 5 impulse waves:
1ST has after first uptrend spike (till 9.1.2018) gone into healthy correction. Due to the BTC retracment it has broke the 61.80% fib. level while one of the major fib levels (78.60%), which market is waiting for, is yet to be tested in the period of next 20 days. If it establishes optimal support and bounces through the downtrend line (check graph) we could see possible formation of handle
(or start of 3rd impulse wave) with the breakthrough at 0.00015980 towards 161.80% fib levels on pull back. This would hit also top of the current uptrend channel where another healthy correction is expected.
If price movement will be also pushed by appropriate news, conditions (BTC's monkey business) and market adoption we could actually even see a spike up to zone between 227.20% - 300% fib level. At the same time this would complete big cup and by hitting heavy historical resistance @ 300% level. or price 0.00038244-ish, would indicate also heavy correction. But more on that once and if it happens--> time in last price movement case is not on 1ST's side- Maybe mid-term or even long-term.

Prices to watch:
Finding support --> Blue circle @ 0.00004835 (open long position)
Pushing through --> 50.00% fib level and 78.60% fib level on pull back (heavy historical resistance). Once this is conquered breakthrough through 0.00015980 would mean mostly that the Optimal target for 1st quarter will be achieved with est. 372 % gain.

Happy Trading

BRG Animus The Great

As always feedback and comments are more than welcome..Also you can find me on TV chat or in Kaiser Crypto trading Discord Channel.

Kommentar: Approaching buy zone, in next few days..but will wait for confirmation due to the BTC nonsense
Kommentar: First bounce done from 78.60 Fib level on previous bull run. Looking for possible bottom channel to be verified with the down trend line to be broken...than I am opening long position... Target on 161.80% Fib. level from the predicted bounce
Kommentar: $h Update:

I made some correction to the 1D chart on smaller time frame (4h).
Bottom of the bullish pennant is verified 3 times with the last one being just at appropriate Fibb level pull back. Upper part of pennant has been verified 2 times already which tells me that breakout might be coming soon. I am still expecting another pull back at latest from the lowest red arrow mark to establish higher high and than higher low by small pull back down to blue circle to establish also higher low and bottom of the channel--> making equilibrium. In the worst case scenario we could re-test the 78.60% Fib level so somewhere between Blue circle and Fib should be buy zone after appropriate bounce. Another entry which is more safe is to wait for the price to go out of the bullish pennant and closes outside of it to establish higher low.
Divergence has been spoted also on MACD (orange lines), RSI EMA is moving upwards. Soon we will be ready to go so fasten your sitbelts

1st is a good buy also on pull back due to their road map for 1st quarter of 2018. Check description in 1D chart or bellow the price action chart in gray box.

BRG Animus

Kommentar: CCI turning downwards if we start to curve up again we might see the red arrow zone to test the upper channel, if it goes down through 0 we might go on the path of the green arrow.
RSI EMA start to curve down also from the mid channel which gives another signal for pull back.
Positive is the MACD divergence indication of possible trend reversal in the near future (7 days)

Kommentar: Going almost like planned. waiting for last pull back to bounce inside the blue circle and brake the downtrend line
Dude, you nailed this so far! Looks like we’re at the bottom of the channel now... any updates?
AnimusTheGreat samadamsSAO
@samadamsSAO, i will mostlikelly make update in next few hours so stay tunned. BTC / usd is forming bearish wedge so it my mess up with TA
+1 Antworten
AnimusTheGreat samadamsSAO
@samadamsSAO, It got messed up by BTC iin search for the veriffication of the bottom part of the falling wedge. check here the update version from few days ago
+1 Antworten

news by 1st. We have not found !!!!
Do not put in front of the wall, it's a mistake, after the foreclosure of the wall is always rolled back. do not be greedy, have time to always go profitable, you need to be able to wait.
but it can especially wall is that the hamsters would buy

buyer 4,9875 bitcoin
by price 0.00006272

will be disappointed

this will be good

well if by May we reach 13,900 sat

All will go to the bottom
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