{Gunzo} Stock to Flow (Gold, Silver, Dollar, Bitcoin)

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This indicator displays the Stock to Flow (S2F) ratio for popular commodities (Gold, Silver, Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereum) in order to
compare them and determine which ones could be a good Store of Value (SoV).

Stock to Flow is a popular indicator used to predict commodities scarcity. It evaluates the total stock of a commodity against the total amount that can be produced during a year. This model supposes that if scarcity is increasing, the price is going to increase.
This model has been used over the last years on Bitcoin to determine if the asset was undervalued or overvalued, and even make prediction models on the future price.
This script is going to focus on the Stock to Flow ratio (total stock/amount produced) to compare the following assets over time :
  • Mining resources (mined) for Gold and Silver
  • Cryptos assets (mined) for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • FIAT currencies (banknotes printed) for Dollar and Euro

The calculation of the Stock to Flow ratio evaluates the total stock of a commodity produced against the production made for a specific year. The data is calculated on a yearly basis, then interpolated to get monthly or daily values.

The main information needed to calculate the Stock to Flow ratio is the "yearly production" of a commodity. I tried to retrieve that information from the most reliable sources :

  • Smoothing for interpolated data : Smoothing factor for assets that are calculated yearly and then interpolated (Gold, Silver, Dollar, Euro, and Ethereum)
  • Smoothing for non interpolated data : Smoothing factor for assets that are calculated daily and not interpolated (Bitcoin)
  • Display asset names : Display assets names in a colored rectangle on the right side of the chart
  • Display asset values : Display assets Stock to Flow ratio in a colored rectangle on the right side of the chart
  • Display key events for assets : Display important events for the assets at the bottom of the chart using the same color as the assets lines (for example Orange diamond is a Bitcoin halving). Please refer to the script code for the details of all events.

This script can be used on any asset available on TradingView as the data used is either static or external.
However I recommend using it the Gold asset from as the depth of the chart will be bigger (since 1980s).
It is recommended to used this script on the monthly timeframe as the chart data is calculated yearly and then interpolated.
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