Complete Ichimoku Trader *modified*

I just found this script from @kingthies here and like it. So i just made some changes and added some little code into it.
Reduced some noise for the signals. Hope anyone can enjoy it. But keep in mind, did not test it on live trading! Had just some time and love to work in pine :)

 Happy Trading
Versionshinweise: Update

reduced some noise with a little tweak of the trend settings (changes ema into sma)
glad that you like that script guys! :) probs to @ethies aka @kingthies 🤟
Versionshinweise: update

Trying to fix that ghost alert issue that the original script has. Modified the code and added new lines. Hopefully this fix it. Didn't try it out for now - let me know it the issue is solved.
Versionshinweise: update
Versionshinweise: update

  • remove the ghost signals on alerts - now you should only receive one buy & sell signal
  • change the up-/downtrend length and see which settings works better out
Versionshinweise: .
Versionshinweise: small change
Versionshinweise: made a small change
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It repaints?
+4 Antworten
cryptomrdavis CleanDreamZ
@CleanDreamZ, no it doens't repaint when the buy/sell signal. When the signal is printed it stays.
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visionvista CleanDreamZ
@CleanDreamZ, It repaints
cryptomrdavis visionvista
@visionvista, proof?
It can't repaint, because its not using security function.
visionvista cryptomrdavis
@cryptomrdavis, TV tells me with a warning that says "it is based on an indicator or strategy that can get repainted." If you set up an alert, you will get this warning. I do not always get this warning for other working scripts. Maybe I am wrong?
cryptomrdavis visionvista
@visionvista, never seen that this indicator repainted. I had more often that message, but its more like a "warning". maybe someone can proof it? I just read about this issue something, but can't remember what was all inside of this article. need to find it again :)
i Dont see any buy or sell signals. how does this work?
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Best indicator Tnks man
+3 Antworten
@fonbg, glad you like it
Super cool. Thanks.
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