Complete Ichimoku Trader by @kingthies

Extension of Market God Indicator, but slightly superior in its application to trading. Utilizes the Ichimoku buy and sell trading signals as defined on and uses combined components with KDJ indicator for improved accuracy.

All Timeframes
All tickers
All chart types

Visual cloud can be turned off. Leaving script open for all to add to/grow with.

Good luck!
Versionshinweise: Less noise
Versionshinweise: Fixed random alerts (FINALLY!!!!)

less noise (again)
Versionshinweise: Transferred from free access - join on MarketGod.Info
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Eric Thies (personal account)
Founder, MarketGod Trading & Data Analyst


nice script :)
i just modified it a bit and tried to improve the signals.
have a look here:
+4 Antworten
btcjeanralphio cryptomrdavis
@cryptomrdavis, Jesus - what did you change to reduce the noise so much? Looks nice and clean
+1 Antworten
itstravismiller cryptomrdavis
@cryptomrdavis, Thanks !!
KingThies_ cryptomrdavis
@cryptomrdavis, would you mind sharing what worked to reduce that noise? looks beautiful
KingThies_ KingThies_
@ethies, @cryptomrdavis NVM just saw it in the library itself. great work
cryptomrdavis KingThies_
@ethies, i just added few things. 1. up-/downtrend 2. rising/falling rsi and 3. volume.
it's works out but there should be a better option for that. glad you like it.
Should the alert be set once per bar close or once and which timeframe is more suitable pleasE? HA candles?
Thank you.
+2 Antworten
great indicator, any solution to the alerts? it triggers all bars
Good indicator!!!
Great job!
Thank you!
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