BT Astrology Indicator by Imthiaz007

BT-Astrology Indicator is fine tuned indicator to calculate and draw daly support and resistance based on Gann level for intraday trade or swing trade.

The original Idea is given by Mr. Alex from Badshai Trading; I am a Software Developer by profession so that I just coded it and add some signals for back testing.
I also add following Indicator for better view:
a) Simple Moving Average
c) Bollinger Band

The Input section of the Indicator :
SMA:- Length 35 as per Mr. Alex suggestion
Minutes: Enter minutes in terms of number of minutes on which VWAP value will be taken for calculating the levels.
By default it will be 20 means VWAP value of 9:35 AM candle will be consider for drawing levels.

How it works ?
Buy : When resistance is broken with higher high formation and candle is above 35 SMA
Sell : When support is broken with lower low formation and candle is below 35 SMA

Hope you like it!!!
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