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The Token Metrics Combined Indicator v2 is a comprehensive technical analysis tool designed to output Long/Short signals for crypto assets on TradingView. It combines multiple indicators, including Token Metrics Clouds, Token Metrics Trend Lines , Token Metrics Channels, and signals, to give a comprehensive outlook on the market trend and potential entry/exit points.

Users can backtest the signals to understand the strategy's historical performance, learn how to use it, identify its pros and cons, and determine the market conditions it best suits. It is important to note that the backtesting performance does not indicate future results.

The methods for calculating fixed stop-losses vary depending on the trading pattern. A fixed stop-loss is used for long-term trading, while a trading stop-loss is used for high-frequency trading. This provides flexible investment risk management, allowing you to assign different stop-loss percentages to different trading strategies.

The Length input allows users to control the indicator’s sensitivity, with a default value of 20 bars for long-term trading and 9 bars for high-frequency trading. The Adjustment Factor input has a default value of 0.1 and can be adjusted to adapt to changing levels of volatility . The Stop-loss input allows users to control their risk tolerance, with a default value of 8% for long-term trading and 2% for high-frequency trading.

Token Metrics Clouds incorporates a bullish / bearish trend indicator, which uses two adaptive moving averages that adapt to volatility , reducing false trend signals during range-bound environments and providing a more accurate representation of market trends.

The Token Metrics Trendline is a long-term indicator that uses an adaptive moving average to identify long-term trends. This can also be used for long-term resistance and support levels, providing a comprehensive overview of the current market situation for both long-term and high-frequency traders.

The Token Metrics Signals indicator provides long, short, and close signals, indicating when to enter and exit long or short positions based on the TM trend-following strategy.

The Token Metrics Channels indicator is a top/bottom indicator that adjusts to current levels of volatility . This uses adaptive Donchian channels to determine the previous short-term swing high and low, providing insight into where short-term resistance or support might be forming and where breakouts can occur. The look-back periods change according to the strategy time frame, offering a flexible and dynamic approach to market analysis.

Long-term trading is a trend-following strategy best suited for daily and weekly timeframes. This strategy works well in trending markets but may produce false signals in choppy or range-bound markets.

High-frequency trading is a mean-reverting strategy best suited for 15-minute, 30-minute, and 1-hour timeframes. This strategy performs well in choppy or range-bound markets but may not be effective in strong trending markets.
Enhance your trading strategy with the Token Metrics Trading View Indicator, a tool crafted for traders and investors at all levels. This indicator is a culmination of mathematical and quantitative strategies, offering a sophisticated approach to market analysis. Ideal for long-term investors, medium-term strategists, and short-term traders, it provides versatile functionality to suit various trading styles. Key features include the Ichimoku Cloud for precise trend insights, three distinct blue lines for deeper market understanding, and essential metrics like Net Profit and Percent Profitable to monitor your trading performance. With the Token Metrics Trading View Indicator, you're equipped to make more informed, data-driven trading decisions.

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