MarketGodv6 Pro//BackTest Strategy//

The Backtesting Trader to our Signature MGv6. The results in the table below suggest if one was to start with $1k, and trade with the parameters we've established, the trader would succeed on this timeframe > 70% of the attempted trades, and have a 7x profit factor with their investment for the duration shown here.

You can read about the strategy within the next few days at our website,

Versionshinweise: Alignment with v6.3 indicator.
Versionshinweise: added date/time feature to see performance since chosen input
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MG Premium Trading Indicator
The date input selection doesn't seem to work for me, same as commented by Zamson. Whatever start and end dates i use it always returns the same trades and timescale
The date input range does not recompute anything for me, maybe a bug? Also can you consider adding an input/option to only count LONG/SHORT/LONG&SHORT positions?

Hey, mind adding me to the Backtest Strategy List? Already got the MG Pro but changed my Username. Previous one was Captainwex.
Great update.

Does the backtest indicator come with pro? Can't find it.
@zamson, Yep - just added you. Was missing a couple people but couldnt pinpoint who
zamson TVMarketGod
@TVMarketGod, Thanks man!
first trade in 2011 lol
If you just bought spot for 1000 bucks you would have more than 90million usd made
Would love to see a backtest on a shorter timeframe
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moonify moonify
@moonify, Oh wait thats completely wrong lol my bad. more like 670k so this definitely outperformed
Is it possible to integrate with a platform or bot to auto trade?
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karel.balac smartincomepaths
@smartincomepaths, i wrote a bash script which integrates TV mail alerts for auto trading with Coinbase Pro or Poloniex. DM me if youre interested
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