ZECUSD 8h: Zcash undervalued! Target 410 > 620 USD and more

Currently, it might be interesting to buy Zcash. Firstly, Zash comes with a new technique to exchange Zcash directly with Bitcoin . Secondly, it is technically undervalued. Strong support at 250/240. the 300 have already been positively tested twice. First target ATH 410 USD and then further to Fibo 1.62 at 620 USD.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. : -)
Kommentar: just for info. i entered at 250 USD.
Kommentar: current close-up of the situation. in brief: support touched. run along the trendlines up.
Kommentar: Support broke at 250. Next support at 220. Be watchful.
Kommentar: imo the lowest support line was touched. bottom at 196.
Kommentar: if the resistance will break at 250 and will be confirmed, we can expect a further up.
Kommentar: support line still works.
Kommentar: maybe we'll see the bottom. next strong support at 155.
Kommentar: hard but possible. maybe we saw lowest low. 155 support as predicted. everything is just hanging on the btc. if it recovers quickly, then all altcoin go up quickly and strongly.
Kommentar: ZECUSD (8h) close-up of the current situation


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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

Entered at 250 still hodling , is your analysis still viable ? . or are we going to sub 100 in your view ? .

The only issue with ZEC is that the community is mainly miners .
@gaiseric, I'll keep zec. zec is an "anonymous" currency. an advantage. but I only keep very few zec. I have a broad portfolio. zec does not play an important part in this.
gaiseric btcinvests,

Any update ? tomorrow JP morgan will talk about their collaboration with zec . Last time they did , zec reached .1 btc . Any correlation or the market is too bearish for any raise ?
@gaiseric, I think the market is currently behaving quite normally. the update (core 0.15.0) at btc has moved the market a little bit, also the news from china. I see still an up. I know about the news. basically I trade only on the basis of technical analysis. the trend lines works. for zec I see a good development. here the current chart for you.
btcinvests btcinvests, the new chart i will post soon ...
going to ride this out, good to see that you are in for the long. Just for my understanding, why not sell the $250 now and should the market falls to $155 by back in and have a few extra shares. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
@Ginossim, please understand, there are different types of traders: scalper, daytrader, swingtrader, positiontrader and investors. each working according with a different strategies. the biggest mistake is not knowing who you are and then jumping between strategies. I'm an investor. sometimes I trade position or swing. more just for fun. so my timings are different. for me, the big waves are important. to recognize these is the art. just for info i am invested in ripple nearly from the beginning. my target at ripple is 4 usd. if my anaylsis are correct we reach this target end of next year. we will see. my "short term" target for ripple is 0.60 usd until end of 2017. please don't misunderstand me, I don't want to compare myself, but warren buffett for example is investor. ;-)
Ginossim btcinvests, thanks for the reply, I am new to trading and I have jumped around to catch the swing. Learned that it's not profitable, but since I have seen your page, I have been more discipline in my trading habits. I would like to become an investor. Thanks for your reply
@Ginossim, :-)
Thank-you for your posts, they are great to read and learn from.

So I see it has bounced off the bottom trend line, would that be a good buy indicator or wait and see?
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