VERGE Coin $XVG potential entry at 600 sats or lower

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
I missed the boat on $XVG. Currently looking at a potential entry opportunity.
$XVG has completed a completed an impulse move and is currently doing a zig zag retracement.
Waves A and B seem to have completed, and Wave C is currently ongoing.
I'll be timing my entry at the completion of 5 subwave impulse move of WAVE C
Kommentar: I have some laddered entries as this:
Kommentar: Alternate wave count
Trade ist aktiv:
I had set a pending order at the E retracement level. Was expecting it to reach D then coming back down. Just got filled at 1050 sats.
McAfee blew the pattern sky high, now comes the result of what goes up must crash back down to the mean, .00000450-500
@Steadie, yeah, I read an interesting article the other day regarding that. The thing I like with Elliott waves is that they are oblivious to all of this. Things will happen to fulfill the waves :)
Same idea
gabal007 luubinhng
@luubinhng, Nice :)
looks legit!
got in at 1390, what shoud i do at this point?
gabal007 genieotl
@genieotl, this is just an idea I posted, definitely not trading advice :). I could be wrong, but I want to see how this develops over time. I usually don't sell my coins at a loss. If I don't have a need to immediately use the trading capital, I hold the coins until I'm back at break even or in profit.
genieotl gabal007
@gabal007, the talk of going down to .600 satoshis is crazy cant risk that, might as well sell and look for the next hustle..
Dude no way its reaching 600 sats please do your homework good and dont just paint a line men men men
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