XVGBTC cup and handle

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
XVGBTC has done well of the last day or so

looking into the history of the chart we see when it moves it moves seriously.

I looked at this one this morning and saw it had gone up significant percentage and as arule i wouldnt have invested so late however on close inspection of the chart i noticed it had pushed into a squeeze and was ready for a second wave.
I am expecting this one to go for a run!

watch the charts
watch the price
stay vigilant

happy trading ladies and gentlemen

the trading tradie...

for people new to crypto currency markets.
they ARE highly volitile
they ARE often manipulated

i have success through constant adjusting in main understanding the strength in a resistance area, the whole market falls at once but when you see the big picture it makes more sense.

and again often helps to refer back to usd to see if value of coin is sideways/ rising against the USD or USDT

i am still trading this and waiting for a big movement.

happy trading....
get in there and recoup those NEO losses ;)

Trade ist aktiv:

proper preperation prevents piss poor performance

lovely wwhen a plan comes together
Trade ist aktiv:

still looking the goods

may have broken triangle and moved into a three drives channel

just have a large mount of sell walls in place, need people to wake up around the world and start to pull these walls to allow a free movement

still trying to dissolve sell walls at 118 119 120

thats how money is made ladies and gentlemen
Kommentar: got a quick sell in at around 135 sats and rebought at around 129 sats

thats just over 5 % additional to the fat gains already made

hitting a massive amount of resistance and large walls at 138 sats. should see them melt away over the space of the triangle

money money money get yo money money money

as i posted the previous photo
this is early retirement sorta shit
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: close for now
big down turn
all these moments where bars open outside bands i was able to increase my percentage profit

very successful trade

thank you for watching
good luck ladies and gentleman

the trading tradie ...

watching this possible triangle

hittting sell resistance at the top should go sideways with plenty of possitive momentum accumulation

watch for bear break down
Kommentar: wrong update
forget previous post
did anyone expect to the handle to reach 150?
tradingtradefortading without_worries
@without_worries, the cup died days ago
I see more broken coffee cups then ever on this site. ;) I do like the EW correction however. Nice secondary chart. A lesson to new traders you must always keep an eye on the trend and adjust. Great job tradingtradefortrading !!!
@goldbug1, thank you good sir haha. i often use cups to visually express squeezes, one of these days itll prove fruitful
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