XRP is back in a down trend!

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
After XRP tested a major trend it found support on it for over a day. Now it has fallen out of the uptrend and just entered the same bear trend it was in since 1-28. I think its going next to .70
Kommentar: :) Ripple had a nice bounce off $0.70 just as I predicted
Kommentar: As seen in my chart, this did retest .70 and is bouncing off, as predicted
check 3 day chart w/ ichimoku clouds and bollinger bands indicators...

My current buy order is at .23

What touched the top Bollinger band must touch the lower Bollinger band. Not yet there.
Lower Bollinger band is currently @ negative -.13432

Good luck w/ your trades.
There is no obstruction clouds between now and feb. 11th.
And, I have seen the coin lose $1.20 in a single day!

We are only 71.5 cents away from my target. And, it could happen while we sleep!
Tonight or up to Feb 11th to drop.
YugginVestor WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, That would be awesome, I hope the correction stays like this till feb 11. This sale is great
WizardOfRealms YugginVestor
@YugginVestor, It could be till Feb 122th at most but yes!
WizardOfRealms WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, sorry feb 12th
WestUp WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, I totally agree with you, I posted on an Xrp chat just to give them a heads up of what is coming and they went nuclear on me, gees some people get so attached to their assets even when they become liabilities.
@WestUp, Its' sad. And, understandable as it is human nature!
You are just looking out for the little guy...
But, they don't want your advice.

If you are like me... you'd feel bad knowing and not telling anybody...
But, at least you tried.

The Wiz
WestUp WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, Thanks, but something I have learned is that there are different levels of people in this world, open minded and willing to accept when they are wrong and those that take everything so personal and resist knowledge and advice. I hate to say it I used to care and feel bad that the whales take advantage of the dumb and weak, but now I realize that this is nature and survival of the fittest, so rock on whales! They deserve their riches as they truly are more educated than the average man. Wow I sure sound cynical don't I ? ha ha
But yes I will still try to help people lol
@roeer, Disagree, 3 hr macd says otherwise... good luck - read my above post

Bottom bollinger band is at a negative - .15793
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