When the hell is going up again?

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Stop with the carts and analysis saying always the same thing and please somebody tell me when is going past 3 again.
Well for the signs how low it will fall look towards the fundamental analysis. How is the company doing? Is the buzz positive? What are the possibilities?
Stop with the charts and analysis? That's kinda what we do here...XRP probably needs to correct to the $1.60-$2.00 area before making a new high.

That doji on the chart you just posted generally shows exhaustion in a trend.

If you are freaking out, trim your position to a level that you feel comfortable with or ride it out come what may.

Check my charts, Ive been bullish on XRP since around $0.18.

It needs a healthy pullback to wash out the weak hands...
Ezemalber kg3333333
@kg3333333, So u have no doubt in your mind it's going to an ATH again?
If U've been bullish since 0.18 you must be a millionaire by now! good for you!!!
kg3333333 Ezemalber
@Ezemalber, not a millionaire, because this is a highly speculative instrument and a small part of my portfolio, but I did make more on this trade than most normal people make in a year or two.

There is always risk in any market, ESPECIALLY CRYPTO.

I cannot say with out a doubt that we haven't already seen the high.

I sold 50% of my XRP holdings at $2.70-$3.00 so I am very comfortable holding the rest even if it were to go to $0. AND THAT COULD HAPPEN.

It is unlikely, but anything is possible. Stay calm and do whatever you need to do to keep yourself and your family safe. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

If you want safety, buy the index funds. The crypto market is a tough place to play, but extremely exciting and up to now very rewarding.
Ezemalber kg3333333
@kg3333333, I'm doing exactly that. It was kind of a joke when I said stop the Charts... but to be honest with you, meanwhile it was going up like crazy, I got tired of looking at charts saying it was going to go down (maybe at the chart #300 it indeed went down).
Now it's happening again with the charts that are saying it's about to go up again...
Eventually somebody's going to get it right... I wonder how accurate this stuff is is all.
I too made with XRP almost half a year earnings so I can't complaint. I just want the rush to continue, and in the meantime I can't trade too much with other CCs cause I have a nice chunk of XRP still in my portfolio.
I see 2 maybe lower
Once you hear good news about ripple.. like its been added to a new exchange or if it has signed up for new projects etc.. Word of advice if you are in it for the long run close your monitor and go relax and come back in a couple of days or so things should be better by then.. Thumbs up!
It depends on how much money will flow from altcoins to bitcoin and support levels...
at $1,90 or so
bilo2000 bilo2000
@bilo2000, just in cas:" " my opinion only - trade at your own risk"
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