CRYPTOFAIL: RIP Ripple - IOTA Tangle USD Pegged Crypto For Banks

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar

When IOTA, the banks or alternative funds, develop a Tangle Based USD Pegged Crypto for financial institutions, it's RIP Ripple. Ripple doesn't generate the cashflow nor will it ever, to justify its current marketcap. This is pure speculation driven insanity but great for those that were in early, bravo!

There is a lot of hype with Ripple and it was a great speculative play but I believe it will be short lived when financial institutions discover better options.


1. IOTA Tangle. Solves all the issues with blockchain technology and is also virtually free to use (it is free, but I'm sure the new crypto will need a tiny fraction). Ripple costs, as do the majority of cryptos. The IOTA Foundation can come up with the best option for financial institutions/stability (see next point).

2. USD PEGGED CRYPTO. Create a new Tangle based crypto that is pegged to the USD (or something else). This would have none of the massive fluctuation issues of Ripple (or other cryptos), which is riding the tide of speculation. It is important for financial institutions to have stability.

This new, focused Tangle based crypto could be a game changer for Financial Institutions. The microscopic usage fees for hundreds of billions to trillions worth of transactions daily would add up considerably for the maker but negligible for users.

So when IOTA (or someone else) gets serious about creating a Ripple Killer from Tangle, XRP is in serious trouble, especially considering it's not being adopted and is worth double Tesla's market cap. Crazy.

Taken from LinkedIn with permission ;)
Kommentar: Ripple is worth over $100B and doesn't match IOTA in tech or depth of future business. IOTA could go up 10x from here and produce the lasting solutions in this space, but XRP is easily going to become irrelevant when financial institutions, figure this out. All IOTA needs to do is create a legitimate Ripple and Ethereum competitor and they're both in trouble.
Kommentar: RIP Ripple. Although big money may try to speculate and inflate this again. Hashgraph is the sleeper killer right now, but before that IOTA has a shot.
Kommentar: So, haters were saying whaa?
Kommentar: I may be mistaken but Ripple is down almost a dollar since I wrote this...
Kommentar: If Ripple drops below $1.60, it could be below $1 fast!
Kommentar: feel a little justified as this article basically backs my view:

World’s Fourth Largest Bank MUFG To Launch Own Cryptocurrency In 2018

"MUFG stated the company will process all the transactions from its cryptocurrency’s network, claiming that such an approach will help improve the stability of the coin.

The bank also plans to peg one MUFG coin to one Japanese yen in order to maintain people’s confidence in the new cryptocurrency."
So, you bought some iota, smoked some weed and write this lovestory about your iota’s. Congratz it is very entertaining.
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IOTA and Ripple are completely different technologies. IOTA works between hardware devices. IOTA is a completely new born technology for Internet of things and was not jet been well tested.
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blah blah blah
so u awake yet or still dreaming how banks will let some geeky techs get them? dude, cmon...
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