Ripple $0.385 target and Ethereum-futures?

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
This is the craziest market the world has ever seen, but I love it.

What we see is a very clear tradingrange for Ripple.

BTC-futures will be launched on December 18th. My opinion is that we will see more volatity during December, as we have seen last couple days. Besides that, I think that the cryptomarket uptrend will continue.

What we see is that the crypto-market is maturing quicker and quicker. Why would it not be possible, that Ripple, Ethereum and DASH futures will be launced in the next 6 months? This situation will automatically lead to higher market levels and an even higher volotility, because of short-parties.

Well, because of the volatility , it is very likely that we will see another pullback of Ripple.

Buy: Between $0.202/0.21

Target 1: $0.28
Target 2: $0.385*

*If a day candle closes above $0.30 this target is valid.

Please, follow and like for more trading ideas.

Questions? Just ask and your feedback is welcome.
Kommentar: No crash and the uptrend continues, as expected. Things are going fine.
Kommentar: We have almost reached our first target. I sold 33% of my position manually to protect my profits. I'll hold the rest of my position. Congratulations with your profits so far!
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: We have reached target 1 :-) I'll keep you updated about target 2.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Target 2 reached. We are trading around $0.46 now! Congratulations.
@jelmerrr Thanks for the TA. What do you think about the current status (chart) of XPR? Do you see potential jump in very near future?
Jelmerrr caglan98
@caglan98, You're welcome.

For the long term, I absolutely see huge upwards potential for Ripple. Based on the current chart, I see $0.70 and $0.80 in 4/5 months. But this is not a very strong analysis. The market is very bullish now, but I realy believe that we are going to see a correction this or next week. This correction will also helps us to see things clearly. After this I'll provide you with a new chart and new targets.
caglan98 Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, Thanks a lot. It seems that it has started uptrending now. It is around 0.67. What do you think it can go up today and tomorrow? From a day trader perspective, do you see any intermittent pull back soon? Thank you again. I will be following your ideas closely...
Jelmerrr caglan98
We have already seen a correction and it bounced perfectly at the first fib. level. (Around 0.60) If we can break and close above 0.875 the sky is the short-term limit. It is not very clear to me right now, whether we are going up again or whether we are seeing another correction. At the moment we are trading on the hourly graph near 2 resistances. (18ma & 9ma) I still have a small position in XRP, but I only make a new chart when things are clearer to me. I started posting with in mind to only provide my followers with ideas of which I have a clear picture. That's why almost all of my ideas reached it's targets so far :-).

Good luck and thanks for following!
Jelmerrr caglan98
Target 3 Please
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Jelmerrr wonderboyz
@wonderboyz, What I expect is a pullback now. Support levels are 0.373, 0,334 and if we drop to 0.295, the last one is a very strong support level. We will gain power at this levels to test higer levels.

Our medium term targets are $0.49 and if it breaks $0.55. I still hold a small position for long term or if it goes the other way. I'll buy and expand my position around 0.295, or around higer levels if I see new signals. I'll keep you posted and good luck.
wonderboyz Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, Thank You
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