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If you look at my prev. projection for XRP you'll see the erection is well under way and now near perfect Pentagram and Core™ (P&C) has formed.

Ripple is one of the most hated coins in the crypto. It's not the real crypto. It's not even a crypto currency. Maybe one of the most oversupplied pre-mined coin out there. Nobody is clear on use cases for the holders. And worst of all, it's made to help banks establish themselves into our holier than thou decentralised utopia. These are all the reasons why one should buy it.

You believe XRP and banks are the enemy. Well how do you defeat your enemy? Just realise the truth: there is no enemy.
Kommentar: The golden ratio is golden. But you already knew everything about phi because you figured out where the fib charting tool is located
Kommentar: Hey Dorothy, where are you off to? Just follow the yellow brick road
Kommentar: Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...
Kommentar: Denied at the foundation. Lack of foundation, like I said before, and the obelisk will topple. Everybody wants to reach the skies. Go fast. FASTER! To master the fast, young Dorothy, you must master the slow.
Kommentar: Double denial. And still you deny my superior ch4rting
Kommentar: Triple denial. Let it go - learning quickly isn't everyones specialty.
Kommentar: I'm just going to put this right here
Kommentar: I stand. I hold. I rise.
Kommentar: Up the Obelisk. Down the Obelisk. Collapse quickly, like we knew would happen after rising so quickly. So what will happen next? You tell me, you're obviously running this show
Kommentar: See, your analysis can only go as deep as where your awareness will let you. People want to see what I see. I get many messages now daily of people asking who I've learned from. What can I read? What is your TA? They want some quick answer or some mathematical formula. But you know how far can that take you? You draw triangles, but when was the last time you actually did something tangible with triangula formulae? I digress though, people want this quick formula or strategy, but the question I ask is could you even handle it? Most people think oh yeah I want to be rich now.. if I had X then I will be set - but the hard uncomfortable truth is, you have what you deserve. You have the wealth your chalice can hold. Most people have got buckets for challices with holes in it. They focus all on filling it constantly with water while leaking out like mother f's. So I say, focus on fixing your bucket. Build the bucket. Make the bucket stronger, then you can hold more water. Hanz wtf? What's the TP? The TP doesn't matter. I could give you a hundred accurate TP's and you won't be better off in life because you will drain the water as quickly as it comes. Learn to stand and hold. We are in a wild storm, and when you can learn to stand with roots deep in the ground like an ancient Oak tree, while all the weak leaves and young branches of the forest fly around in a cyclone of noise trying to catch that trend or this trend, when you can stand there silently amidst that, come to me then and I'll give you the next step.
Kommentar: ETA about 1 hrs until we reach mid section of Obelisk. Probably if BTC goes for big leap can expect a big bounce off the foundation again.
Kommentar: There is a way. You can call it the way. You can call it what you like. To me, it’s just the way. I chose to walk this way. Yes, I chose to walk the path of greatness. How did I become great? It was simple. I walked in the footsteps of greatness. Who do I walk behind? Obviously all who have walked before me. I will not give you my source. None of the greats I walked behind gave me their source. It's not needed. All you need is the next step. So now here you on, with a choice to make and you can choose to follow greatness and you too will become great. It’s the way it is, and it is the way it has always been. You will decide - either way, I walk where I walk. The path changes my walk remains strong.
Kommentar: Significant moment right there. It's in times like these we summon an ancient phrase, passed on via oral tradition and stands the test of time: Buy the fucking dip
Kommentar: Ripple has now shifted from #3 to #2 market cap position from Ethereum. Coinciding with the biggest deregulated crypto exchange experiencing an exodus. Oh the sweet beautiful timing of it all. Pure perfection. I wish you could see what I see. Ahh, you thought the pentagonal transformation had completed? You're cute. No x no x no x no x no = No to the power of 5.
Kommentar: Do you even fractal, bro
Kommentar: "It's just art"
Kommentar: The ripple began to turn into waves.. and the waves began to form a tsunami.
Kommentar: If you want to make a lot of money, invest in Ripple.
If you want to see the king dethroned who behaves as though the world revolves around it, invest in Ripple.
If you want to see the ground swept away from underneath the feet of the status quo of this stagnating and elitist community, then invest in Ripple.
If you want to to see the banks take blockchain tech to the masses and bring parabolic growth to the whole crypto space, invest in Ripple.
If you want to see the most volatile shit this scene has even seen, as seasoned self proclaimed 'vets' scrounge to work out now where they keep their holdings and liquidate their cold storage only to be late to the party while you make serious bank, then invest in Ripple.
If you want to be standing on the mountain while the rest stand on the sea shore as the tsunami comes, then invest in Ripple.
But most importantly, if you want to see this movement get back to the grass roots origins of where it all began, then stop delaying the inevitable and invest. in. Ripple.
Invest in Ripple.
Kommentar: See, you've seen yourself as seperate from the market, a follower of the market. Boy, correct yourself: We are the market.
Kommentar: This thing just played out almost a repeat of the last Obelisk. I've been telling you guys. slow and steady or the Obelisk will fall. That's 2 now. How many you think there is? That's right.. correct young padawan. 3 fucking obelisks. Those 2 were just blue prints. I mean you can see how they are transparent. Now a lot of you say I'm a god or something and I know everything, well I'm not here to argue with you, but I thought it would dip even further after that. But it looks like some of you like to follow Hanz when it suits you. Think you'll follow the king into temple and then when you hitch hike a ride to the top you're going to all solo hey. Ok. We can play that game. Maybe you lead the next one?
Kommentar: Ripple announced the would lock up 55b of the XRP. The rumour on the street before the official announcement was that people were worried about Ripple dumping huge amounts of XRP on the market whenever it pumped. Here is the real announcement -> https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-to-pl...

Please note the usage of 5 throughout the announcement. 55 billion XRP. 55 contracts. Splitting their dumps into 2 x 500million amounts. Now please draw your attention to the 5 sided pentagram above. Don't tell me Ripple aren't reading Hanz' omnipotent analysis and not being influenced by it.

The thing is, Ripple, the crowd aren't too pleased with that strategy. Look it's a nice thing you came to the table a little bit - you know you heard the concerns of the crypto community but they are going to need more than that. Look I'm just trying to negotiate a healthy win/win for us all here. Dumping a billion every month isn't very enticing. I mean what you're having a bad month, or a bad 6 months and hodlers just have to deal with 500 million USD dumps on them? My followers are probably not the brightest bunch, that's why they have Hanz and why I look out for them, but you're going to need to commit to more than that because my brothers are going to feel like perhaps they're on the losing side of this deal. So we have dark discussions to have now, and why an inverted dark obelisk has formed. We will await your next update.

Kommentar: Hanz removed the dark inverted obelisk. Skies the limit. Pass it on.. but only after you btfd.
who is your dealer? and how much are these drugs?
Pyramids, pentagones, moon, just a freemasson having fun with occult symbolism.
WHERE are u?
please update ur chart thx
My the Time Lords continue to Gide you dear Sir
Nice one hanz you called it, bang on :)
Really amazing Graph and great work, what do you predict for the coming, since the pic in your graph has been reached, there would be a correction or it will go for another run
You're a genius !!! Waiting for the next
Awesome !!!
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