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The Litecoin roundtable has set an unprecedented shift for the future of LTC, marking the beginning of a new era for Cryptocurrency.

LTC has clearly entered into the transformative prism, hitting the seemingly unbreakable trend, but now exited with velocity that cannot be ignored. It looks inevitable it will now cross the 3 year mega accumulation trend and a perfect storm is brewing for parabolic worm hole like growth.
Kommentar: The pressure building on this elastic band is hard to quantify right now. See note regarding Hooke's law. Not sure how high this will go so don't ask for targets. How far is infinity?

Kommentar: Better positioning of the wormhole pyramid top and look how that curve lined up perfectly with that last dip.
Kommentar: A second wormhole pyramid forming. The 2 combined creating a magnetic lift. As you board the ship, please leave your watches at the gate to allow for time dilation for the trip.
Kommentar: Key moments in the golden spiral. Do what you will. I have no idea what dimension you are on or if you have the power to remain intact while we cross to the other side.
Kommentar: 2nd rotation around the spiral complete. But it just barely touched it. I hope you picked up Lite and said goodbye to the world you know.
Kommentar: As you can see the small and healthy down trend here is perfectly conforming to pyramid head. Some people have asked is it science or is it luck. You're asking the wrong question, child. What you should be asking at this level of field distortion is simple (remember, kiss): does the trend make the chart, or the chart make the trend?
Kommentar: Very special moment in time. We have left the head of the pyramid. Trend continues to bounce along the spiral. Many who thought they were ready have peered into the wormhole and sold their tickets at the gate and run back to the safety of the tangible. The shift from 2 - 3 is the hardest. Anybody can do 1. With a bit of push and enthusiasm or the right courage inducing substance many can even do 2. But 3? 3 takes discipline.. hardness. There's nobody to blame up here. This ride isn't for victims, but those who are prepared to hold the universe in the palm of their hands.
Kommentar: Just because you have eyes, does not mean that you see. You follow the micro cycles, oblivious to the larger cycles. You talk of moons, but know nothing of the the lunar. If it weren't for the weather channel, I wonder if you would even know what season it is. Stop looking, and see.

Kommentar: Standing on the edge. Look into the infinite darkness. Breath in your fears. Exhale Lite.
Kommentar: We have now officially entered wormhole unchartered territory. I said it would. Don't tell me Hanz didn't give you enough time to collect your belongings and gather your loved ones. Don't tell me Hanz didn't offer a hand of strength as you ventured to the unknown and stepped out into the darkness. Don't tell me the divine Lite never reached down to offer you a bridge to the other side.

Kommentar: Did you feel that.. there was a disturbance in the field. I hope you are ready for it.
Kommentar: Many of you thought the ride for LTC was over. You saw a great rise. A parobolic rise. But all you saw was a test run. And what did the test show you? It showed you what was possible. The power of Lite. There is something divine about this Lite, almost like it repeats. You can see the repetition in the structure of all things.. but it doesn't exactly repeat, it rhymes. In this way, nothing is identically the same and therefor everything is unique, but if that is the case for everything, then that is at least one thing which makes everything exactly the same at the same. Right? Right. Now grab on now to closest safety strap and hold on fucking tight.
Kommentar: I have had some questions about LTC along the lines of now that BTC is in the midst of massive growth due to in part the agreement that Bitcoin will now get Segwit, will Litecoin go up or down? Of course, it will do both, but overall I will say it goes up and that the Mother of all Moons is approaching.

Micro gets reflected in the Macro. LTC is the micro to BTC's macro. Both branding and code reflects this connection. Younger to Older brother. Silver to the Gold. BTC now agreeing to get Segwit adds only weight to this connection. The primary difference in the latter is that Litecoin has stepped out of the shadow of bigger brother and brought significant change before Bitcoin.

Many critics say Litecoin is merely only a testnet to Bitcoin. There is some truth to this as it shares similar code. However even if Litecoin's only role were a testnet it would be a testnet to what is potentially a trillion dollar market. Therefor if you think Bitcoin will grow, it's fairly safe to assume Litecoin will follow suit. Is bitcoin growing? You tell me.

Finally, the micro / macro connection LTC and BTC share. There has been an agreement of sorts for Bitcoin to get Segwit. But will it be smooth sailing? Was it smooth sailing for LTC? Arguably many involved in the rocky road to SW activation on LTC took advantage of the sentiment as pools were activated and deactivated, and tests were tried, and doubts arose. Theories of market manipulation etc etc. We saw massive swings on the path to SW for Litecoin. The same will be true for BTC. As these massive swings come for Bitcoin we can expect massive rallies for the Lite. However unlike Litecoin, Bitcoin has many times more invested. If there is the hint of manipulation I think we can expect to see not just outcries on twitter as holders cry fowl, but we can expect all out investigations by the law at large. All of which can have devastating affect on BTC price.

In the immediate, there are rumours upon rumours now as the scaling issue still exists and nothing has actually changed for Bitcoin yet. Transactions are still too expensive for micro payments. Transactions are not fast enough for what users would like. And many businesses today are wanting to get a slice of this crypto market and not be hurt by slippage which can occur while accepting Bitcoin and waiting for confirmation with hundreds of thousands of tx's in the backlog. Bitcoin is still useless for lower end purchases and markets in the developing world where transaction fees can be far higher than the cost of the sale. More and more realise the need in the short term for faster, quicker transactions so we are seeing a stampede of rumours like Bitstamp adding Litecoin.
Kommentar: Finally, although Bitcoin will obviously continue to grow, a sentiment shift is occurring as many holders feel secret meetings where agreements are reached between elites is not the true decentralised dream. So the landscape is shifting as perception shifts. As more and more holders will question their loyalty to Bitcoin and even question the utopian decentralisation in general. As holders realise Bitcoin is not as decentralised as they thought, they will wonder if perhaps they might as well start holding other centralised coins which at least come with a known leader. So when you think of Litecoin, you can think of Charlie Lee at the helm - it's a known variable. But Bitcoin? Who runs it? The meme is "we all run it", "we are all bitcoin", which is true to an extent, but lets be honest and admit this is a meme to convince ourselves we have a large element of control when the truth is far from that. At the end, humans will do what they have always done and they will gravitate to strong leadership. Strong leaders can enact change quickly and swiftly and with a hard and sharp sword. We love that. Meanwhile look at any great collapses and right near the end you see murky visions with slow fat sloppiness at the helm struggling to do anything due to excessive bureaucracy. Wealth is at an all time high right before it all comes tumbling down. Who picks up the pieces and forges the new world? The agile ones at the bottom who had the foresight to step away from the herd before it was too late.
Kommentar: "RSK on Litecoin. SmartLitecoins. 2-way pegs. Atomic swaps. Drivechain.

Need I say more?!" https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/8...
Whatever your charts are smoking my charts want some.
You sir are the battiest analyst I have ever come across. What a work of art, kudos! hahahaha
this is truly incredible
cult chart
i dont have anywords.
i love you
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This is great.
Sir....were you by any chance on LSD while charting this? THis just opened my eyes to a different dimension.
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Incarnation ThanhHuynhLu
Insanity, we need you to predict the future of all coins to save us from the dump
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