XEMBTC - Looks like a breakout is coming to the upside

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Looks like a breakout is coming to the upside. In around 0.00010600, setting a stop-limit at 0.00009600 (take profit before the 0.00013500 mark to be safe). This is just an idea (I am not a professional and no one should blindly take advice), everyone should be doing their own analysis and make their own decisions. This is my first time publishing an idea, let me know your thoughts and comments, I am always looking to better my analysis and will try to provide the best ideas I can. Thank you.
Kommentar: Any exchange should be the same (as long you are as looking at XEMBTC hourly chart)
Yep, BTCUSD is up, meaning many altcoins typically go down.
Shit btc is breaking out
Fellas this coin i fukt up held from 3000 lol sold bought sold then had 2bit coin worth at 7k sold at 9.5 then it hit 13700 and i bought back at 13000.

Even with all those muck ups. NEM is 7 on coinmarket cap and it is a coin worth keeping. Hackathon is in the process and NEM is going to Hit 20000 sats next target which will be in a few weeks i think. Resistence is 10k sats. I been doing heaps of research on this coin. if it gets back to 10 BUY BUY BUY if it doesnt then buy at 11 wont go lower then 9 unless BTC has a massive pump
far dont think it will hit 13500 today however think it will in a few days. Im stuck between mining or just leaving it on bittrex....
Don't know for sure, but I am working on an hourly chart (remember this can always go either way, that's why I mentioned a stop-limit). Also this is good as long as BTCUSD stays calm, if BTCUSD starts climbing (on a rapid climb) most altcoins usually suffer.
how soon is "soon"?
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